Score big with our new sports-themed graphics collection in 21 styles, free for any project. Perfect for apps, social media, and more. Dive in!

Dive into our latest sports and active lifestyle-themed graphics, designed to energize your projects across various mediums. This collection is perfect for anyone looking to add dynamic sports imagery to banners, social media posts, infographics, presentations, educational materials, and more. Additionally, it’s an invaluable resource for UX and graphic designers seeking sports icons for app, website, and landing page enhancements.

Featuring 21 diverse design styles, our collection spans from vibrant, detailed illustrations to sleek, minimalist icons. Discover an extensive range of pictograms and illustrations, covering team sports, individual sports, the Olympics and Paralympics, athletics, fitness, sports equipment, awards, and everything synonymous with an active lifestyle.

To explore a complete set in your preferred style, just click the link below each image. Access all graphics for free with a link attribution, and use them to bring your creative visions to life without any restrictions.

sports clipart icons color
Bright and catchy sports clipart in Color style
sports clipart icons pastel
Clipart images of sports equipment, gear, and awards in Pastel style
sports clipart icons cloud
Decorative sports clipart for infographics and slides in Cloud style
sports clipart icons circle-bubbles
Colorful infographic clipart on sports and fitness in Circle Bubbles style
sports clipart icons cute-color
Decorative and consistent pack of sports graphics in Cute Color style
sports clipart icons doodle
Funny and playful sports illustrations in Doodle style
sports clipart icons office
Neat color icons of sports and activities from our responsive pack in Office style
sports clipart icons gradient-line
Neon outline sports clipart in Gradient Line style
sports clipart icons blue-ui
Monochrome pack of sports graphics in Blue UI style
sports clipart icons dotted
Decorative outline icons of balls, dumbells, athletes, and other sports-related stuff in Dotted style
sports clipart icons pastel-glyph
Black and white clipart on sports theme in Pastel Glyph style
sports clipart icons cute-outline
Lovely and simple sports clipart in Cute Outline style
sports clipart icons ios
Variety of outline sports icons in iOS style
sports clipart icons ios-filled
Icons on sports and athletics in iOS Filled style
sports clipart icons ios-glyph
Activities and sports icons in iOS Glyph style
sports clipart icons windows-10
Minimalistic sports icons in Windows 10 style
sports clipart icons windows-metro
Contrast sports icons in Windows Metro style
sports clipart icons ice-cream
Sports icons in Android Ice Cream style
sports clipart icons material-filled
Diverse icons of sports and athletes in Material Filled style
sports clipart icons material-rounded
Another pack of material icons on a sports theme, in Material Rounded style
sports clipart icons simple-small
Minimalistic sports icons in Simple Small style that can be used as an icon font

Check more clip art and icons online. Or try our desktop app and download clip art and icons to use the free images offline in any vector editing software.

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