Explore 2024’s best Midjourney alternatives for AI art, offering fresh, dynamic tools pushing the limits of digital creativity.

AI art is revolutionizing the design workflow. Tools like Midjourney have transformed complex design ideas into striking visual realities, marking a paradigm shift in creative expression. But the realm of AI art is vast, with diverse needs and styles. That’s where alternatives to Midjourney come in, each bringing something unique to the table. These image tools open doors to new artistic horizons, whether it’s a different flavor of creativity, unique functionalities, or user experiences.

Let’s dive into this evolving landscape and uncover the tech driving this creative renaissance.

13 best Midjourney alternatives for 2024

As we explore the landscape of AI art in 2024, it’s clear that Midjourney, while influential, is just one of many powerful tools available, each serving as a Midjourney alternative.

Let’s delve into each and discover which tool aligns best with your artistic vision and design needs, bringing your idea to life.

Human Generator

Human Generator excels in creating hyperrealistic human portraits using advanced AI technology, making it an ideal tool for human-centric design projects. It stands out for its detailed images and integration into the designer workflow.

human generator main page


  • Diffusion-based technology.Utilizes a sophisticated diffusion-based AI model for rendering detailed human features and textures.
  • Extensive customization options. Offers a wide array of choices in facial features, clothing, and poses for precise character creation.
  • Personalized face generation. Allows users to upload their own photos to generate human figures with personalized faces, enhancing the tool’s applicability in personalized projects.
mona lisa and a portrait of a beautiful woman in the forest
  • Vast ethnicity range. Features an impressive selection of over 100 ethnicities, ensuring diversity and inclusivity in character generation.
  • Realistic portrayal. Exceptional in creating realistic eyes, expressions, and poses, it addresses common AI challenges in human figure generation, producing photorealistic images.
human generator canvas screenshot

Technical aspects

  • Algorithmic precision. Employs complex algorithms for accurate prompt interpretation, crafting detailed human figures.
  • Prompt interpretation. Translates nuanced aspects of prompts into images, including clothing patterns and background settings, enhancing the description of images.
  • Parameter-based customization. Offers a detailed parameter menu for physical characteristic adjustments, unlike many AI generators that rely solely on text prompts.
vincent van gogh portrait ai generated by human generator

Designer’s perspective

Human Generator is a game-changer for projects requiring human images, from character design to personalized marketing materials. Its focused capability on human figures means it’s less versatile for other types of artwork but unparalleled in its niche. The tool’s detailed customization options make it particularly useful for projects requiring specific character traits or ethnic diversity, thus integrating seamlessly into the designer workflow. But at the same time, it’s a fun tool that can help you create social media posts.


Human Generator offers free generations, catering to a wide range of users from hobbyists to professional designers, making it a valuable tool in the designer workflow.

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Starry AI

Starry AI stands out for its unique approach to AI art generation, transforming text descriptions into captivating visual art. It enhances the designer workflow by offering a user-friendly interface appealing to seasoned and beginners.

starry ai midjourney alternative


  • Text-to-image conversion. Excelling in turning textual descriptions into vivid artworks, StarryAI is particularly useful for conceptualizing abstract ideas and detailed images.
  • Style variability. Offers a range of artistic styles, from classic to contemporary, providing flexibility in aesthetic expression and aiding in bringing any design idea to life.
  • High-quality images. Generates high-quality, realistic images for both digital viewing and print.

Designer’s perspective

Starry AI boosts design productivity, being a boon for designers needing quick visualizations of ideas. However, it may have limitations in producing highly detailed or specific imagery.


Operating on a freemium model, Starry AI provides basic functionalities for free with premium options for advanced features and higher output resolutions. This accessibility ensures that cost doesn’t hinder the designer’s workflow.

Hotpot.ai Art Generator

Hotpot.ai is a versatile image generator in the AI art space, blending simplicity with powerful features. It’s favored for tasks that require a mix of AI-driven creativity and designer control, fitting seamlessly into the designer workflow, making it a great Midjourney alternative.

hotpot midjourney alternative


  • Customizable templates. Offers a variety of templates, simplifying project initiation and inspiring design ideas.
  • Image enhancement tools. Provides tools for enhancing and editing images, adding utility for designers, and aiding in creating photorealistic images.
  • API access. Enables integration into custom workflows or applications, enhancing design productivity.

Designer’s perspective

Hotpot.ai is suitable for designers balancing AI art creation and image editing, streamlining the designer workflow. While user-friendly, it may lack depth in style variability compared to specialized image tools.


The pricing model is tiered, offering basic features for free with more advanced capabilities available in paid versions, making it a practical Midjourney alternative for various budget levels.

Imagine: AI Art Generator

Imagine distinguishes itself in the AI art generator landscape with its focus on ease of use, turning words into complex images, and enhancing the designer workflow.

imagine art midjourney alternative


  • Text-to-image generation. Its primary feature is converting text prompts into detailed artworks, offering a wide range of artistic interpretations and detailed images.
  • User-friendly interface. Accessible for designers of all skill levels, it simplifies the process of bringing an idea to life.
  • Diverse style options. Provides a variety of styles, allowing designers to experiment with different visual aesthetics.

Designer’s Perspective

Imagine is ideal for designers needing rapid visualization of concepts, enhancing design productivity. While it offers a range of styles, it might not always match the precision of more advanced image models in producing photorealistic images.


Imagine operates on a freemium model, making basic functionalities accessible, with a subscription required for higher resolutions and advanced features. This model makes it a feasible option for individual designers and small teams looking to explore AI art without significant investment.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly, part of Adobe’s suite of creative tools, is designed to integrate AI art creation seamlessly into the professional design workflow, enhancing design productivity.

adobe firefly screenshot


  • Seamless Adobe integration. Integrates flawlessly with other Adobe products, offering a cohesive workflow for users of Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Advanced AI technologies. Utilizes Adobe’s cutting-edge AI to generate complex and nuanced artworks.
  • Customizable outputs. Allows designers to fine-tune AI-generated art to fit their specific project needs.

Designer’s perspective

Adobe Firefly is particularly advantageous for those already entrenched in the Adobe ecosystem. Its integration offers a streamlined process, enhancing the designer workflow, though it may require a learning curve for those new to Adobe’s software suite.


Accessible through various Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plans, Firefly may be a cost-effective choice for designers relying on Adobe products but could represent an additional expense for those not using Adobe services.

Neural Love AI Art Generator

Neural Love stands out for its advanced AI algorithms, offering a unique blend of artistic flexibility and high-resolution outputs, making it a strong contender in the AI art generation field and a viable Midjourney alternative.

neural love screenshot


  • High-resolution AI-generated artwork. Specializes in generating high-resolution images suitable for both digital and print media, enhancing the description of images.
  • Artistic style diversity. Offers a broad spectrum of artistic styles, allowing designers to experiment with various visual aesthetics.
  • Image enhancement capabilities. Provides tools for enhancing and restoring images, adding versatility to its usage.

Designer’s perspective

Neural Love is a solid choice for designers needing high-quality, excellent artwork. Its range of styles and image enhancement tools make it a versatile asset in the designer workflow. However, its advanced features may require a bit of a learning curve for beginners.


Employing a tiered pricing model, Neural Love provides basic functionalities for free, with more sophisticated features available in paid versions. This makes it accessible for individual designers and beneficial for studios needing high-quality output for larger projects.


ArtGuru emerges as a distinct player in the AI art generator arena, known for its intuitive interface and focus on streamlined art creation, enhancing the designer workflow.

artguru screenshot


  • Ease of use. Celebrated for its user-friendly interface, making AI art generation accessible even to novices.
  • Varied artistic styles. Offers a diverse range of styles, catering to different aesthetic preferences and project requirements.
  • Prompt flexibility. Exhibits a solid ability to interpret various prompts, translating them effectively into visual art.

Designer’s perspective

ArtGuru is a go-to for designers seeking quick, intuitive AI art creation. While it offers ease and variety, it may not match the depth of customization seen in more specialized AI art tools.


Operating on a freemium model, ArtGuru provides basic features for free, with advanced capabilities and higher resolution outputs available through subscription. This pricing structure makes it an attractive option for designers at different career stages and budgets.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an innovative tool in the AI art generation sphere, known for its versatility and integration with Jasper’s suite of AI tools. It’s designed to cater to professional and amateur designers looking to incorporate AI art into their projects and enhance their design workflow.

jasper ai main page screenshot


  • Versatile art generation. Jasper Art is adept at creating a wide range of art styles, from detailed illustrations to abstract designs, bringing design ideas to life.
  • Integration with Jasper’s AI suite. Seamlessly works with Jasper’s other AI tools, enhancing its utility for content creators and integrating into the designer workflow.
  • Royalty-free downloads. Offers the unique advantage of royalty-free downloads of your creations, making it ideal for commercial use.

Designer’s Perspective

Jasper Art is particularly useful for those looking for a comprehensive AI toolset. It’s suitable for various design tasks, but its standout feature is the commercial viability of the art it produces. The interface is user-friendly, though its full potential is best realized with other Jasper AI tools.


Jasper Art provides a free trial and subsequent access through various subscription plans. This pricing model caters to individual creators and professional design teams, offering scalable solutions based on usage and requirements.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator is a robust Midjourney alternative known for its diversity of creative options and community-driven features. It’s designed for artists and designers who wish to explore the expansive possibilities of AI-generated art and enhance their design workflow.

nightcafe main page screenshot


  • Multiple AI algorithms. Utilizes a variety of AI algorithms, including DALL-E 2, VQGAN+CLIP, and Stable Diffusion, for a broad range of artistic outputs.
  • Community and collaboration features. Offers a unique platform for collaboration, allowing users to share and build upon each other’s work.
  • Extensive style library. Boasts a vast library of styles, providing users with numerous options for artistic expression.

Designer’s perspective

NightCafe Creator is ideal for designers and artists who enjoy experimenting with different styles and collaborating with a community. Its array of algorithms allows for a wide range of artistic outputs. However, the sheer variety might overwhelm beginners or those seeking more straightforward functionality.


NightCafe operates on a credit-based system, offering both free and paid options. Credits are used to create AI-generated artwork, with free daily credits and additional credits available for purchase. This system makes it accessible for casual users while catering to more frequent users through its paid options.

Fotor AI Art Generator

Fotor AI Art Generator emerges as a user-friendly and efficient tool in the AI art generation landscape. It caters to casual users and designers seeking to quickly turn ideas into visually appealing artworks and enhance their design workflow.

fotor ai art generator screenshot


  • Ease of use. Known for its straightforward and intuitive interface, making AI art creation accessible to all skill levels.
  • Diverse artistic styles. Offers a range of styles, enabling users to explore various artistic expressions from their prompts.
  • High-quality image outputs. Generates high-resolution images suitable for both digital use and print.

Designer’s perspective

Fotor AI Art Generator is a solid choice for quick, hassle-free art generation. It’s handy for designers needing rapid visualizations or those experimenting with AI art for the first time. While versatile, it may not offer the depth of customization and control advanced users prefer.


Fotor provides a freemium model, with basic features available for free and more advanced functionalities accessible through subscription plans. This makes it an attractive option for casual users and professionals looking for a straightforward, no-frills AI art tool.


GenCraft stands out as an innovative AI art generator designed to create complex and detailed digital art. It’s tailored for artists and designers seeking a blend of AI efficiency and intricate artistic control in their creative process and workflow.

gencraft main page screenshot


  • Advanced artistic control. Provides in-depth control over the art generation process, catering to specific artistic preferences and requirements.
  • High-resolution images. Capable of producing detailed, high-resolution images, ideal for professional-grade projects.
  • Diverse style adaptability. Offers the flexibility to create art in various styles, from photorealistic to abstract and everything in between.

Designer’s perspective

GenCraft is particularly beneficial for professional designers and artists who require high customization. Its capability to produce detailed, high-resolution outputs is a significant advantage for a Midjourney alternative. However, the level of complexity in control might be challenging for beginners or casual users.


GenCraft operates on a subscription model, providing access to its advanced features and high-resolution output capabilities. The pricing is geared towards professional users who need a powerful tool for high-quality AI art generation, making it less suited for casual or occasional use.

Stable Diffusion Web

Stable Diffusion Web is an accessible and powerful AI art generator based on the popular Stable Diffusion model. It’s designed for enthusiasts and professionals leveraging AI for diverse creative outputs and enhancing the designer workflow.

subtle diffusion screenshot


  • Based on the Stable Diffusion model. Utilizes the widely recognized Stable Diffusion model, known for its versatility and quality in image generation.
  • User-friendly interface. Offers an intuitive web-based interface that simplifies the art creation process.
  • Wide range of artistic possibilities. Can generate various art styles, from realistic to fantastical and abstract.

Designer’s perspective

Stable Diffusion Web is an excellent tool for those who want to experiment with AI-generated art without the complexity of more advanced systems. It strikes a balance between ease of use and creative freedom. However, designers looking for highly specialized or nuanced control may find its features somewhat limited.


This platform operates with a free-to-use model, making it highly accessible for casual users and those experimenting with AI art. Additional features or enhanced capabilities may be available through premium options, catering to more frequent or advanced users.


ZMO AI is an online AI art generator that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to create artwork. Through advanced machine learning techniques, ZMO AI transforms prompts into stunning pieces of art. Besides art generation, it also provides AI anime generator tool.


  • AI-powered art generation. It uses the power of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate captivating artworks from text prompts.
  • Customization options. Users can customize their artwork by adjusting various parameters and styles to create unique results.
  • User-friendliness. With an intuitive interface, ZMO AI makes it easy to create AI-generated art for both beginners and professional creators.

Designer’s perspective

From the designer’s perspective, ZMO AI is a full-featured tool to create AI-generated art. With its help, designers can create eye-catching graphics for web design, social media and newsletter graphics, posters, flyers, and many more just in a few clicks.


You can register a ZMO AI account for free, and it will come with 10 free credits which you can use to try out most of the features. To get more credits, you should buy a paid subscription, which starts from $59/month for 30 credits and unlimited model customization options.

Wrapping up

The diversity of tools available in 2024 offers something for every type of designer and artist. From Jasper Art’s broad versatility and integration capabilities to Human Generator’s specialized focus on lifelike human portraits, each platform has unique strengths and applications, enriching the designer workflow.

Ultimately, the choice of Midjourney alternative will depend on your specific project requirements, desired artistic control, and the nature of your work. As AI technology continues to evolve, so will the opportunities for groundbreaking and diverse art creation in the design world, offering myriad ways to bring your idea to life.

At Icons8, we’ve tested and reviewed Midjourney, acknowledging its profound impact yet recognizing that it might not be the universal solution for every designer’s workflow.

For a deep dive into crafting effective prompts, don’t miss our dedicated article on creating AI art prompts, a key part of the design workflow.

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