Tokyo Olympics Ultimate Graphic Bundle: mascots, logos & flags

Major sports events are back! Yay! We finally can enjoy sports competitions and root for our countries at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

To support and celebrate that, we’ve collected all the Olympic icons you may need for your social media, blog, or newsletter. Sports icons, flags, countries, and continents in different styles to fit your designs. Aaand we’ve drawn logos and mascots of Summer Olympics and Paralympics 2020: Miraitowa and Someity.

Check them out and use them to cheer up athletes who worked so hard and fans who waited so long!

Sport icons


Explore more countries and flags!

Mascots & Logos

The official mascot of Summer Olympics 2020 in Japan is a creature named Miraitowa.

Summer Paralympics 2020 also have their own unique mascot. Its name is Someity.

Maps of countries and continents

Explore more countries and maps!

Check out our other collections of free icons and cliparts:


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