The Icons8 team has just released an updated library of animated icons. Animated Icons 2.0 offers over 900 different graphics in 5 design styles to help designers add motion to their projects. Enjoy!

Improve conversions while making customers happy. Capture the attention of app users or website visitors with neatly animated icons available in 5 detailed styles, both color and monochrome. The collection offers coverage to build engaging apps or accessibility-improving hints. GIF, JSON (Lottie), and After Effects formats are included.

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think!

Even a small amount of movement works incredibly well to attract attention or hint at what a user should do next. We designed these detailed animated icons as an effortless way to add micro-interactions to web designs. Contextual clues make products more accessible, while also providing some much-needed whimsy to stale flows. So users are happier, conversion rates are higher, A win-win!

animated icons

Our in-house animators have done a fantastic job of creating a library of full-motion icons. These colorful and engaging icons extend well beyond our previous animations, they are sure to command attention! As with all of our icon packs, we make usability priority #1. These animations are offered in 5 of our most popular styles and GIF, JSON (Lottie), and After effects format are included. At 150 – 300 animations per style pack, there is sure to be covered for your project. Check it out and please give us any feedback you have!


  • Dozens of free icons
free animated icons
  • 5 popular styles: Color, iOS Glyph, Material, Windows 10, and Office
animated icons animated icons
  • GIF, JSON (Lottie), and After Effects formats
animated icons animated icons ui
  • Perfect for UI/UX (dark mode switches, social sharing, add-to-cart)
animated icons

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think, your feedback helps us make the product better.

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