No doubt, the workforce in the IT sector is maturing quickly. Companies are adopting modern technologies to boost their growth. Thus, they’re attracting top tech talents to drive their success. According to a survey conducted by Modi’s, the total number of tech employment will increase by 12% by the year 2024. It means various jobs for IT professionals are becoming available to get into space. The number of tech positions for multiple fields in web development, design, cybersecurity, and data analysis is expected to expand exponentially in upcoming years. One may get the competition to grab a skilled job employee tougher than they expect.

1. Data Scientist

With the enhancement in the use of big data and machine learning in business operations, data scientists are playing a pivotal role in various industries including finance, supply chain to banking and Medicare. Companies are investing at a massive scale to recognize the talent in this field.

The primary role of a data scientist is to collect, process and analyze information. The common skill set or experience for a data scientist are:

  • Strong analytical ability
  • Strong mathematical and computational ability
  • Masters or Ph.D. degree
  • Knowledge of programming languages (such as Python or R or Java)

2. Database Developer

A database developer will be responsible for creating and managing the organizational database. Before going for hiring, first, clear your views about what skills you’re hiring for and which kind of developer will fit best to your needs. You should look for:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Knowledge of enterprise database tools and handling such as IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle DB, etc.
  • Certified from professional database administrations like Microsoft or Oracle.

3. Cloud Computing Specialist

With the advancement of technology, most of the businesses are migrating their operations to cloud computing. With this transformation, the demand for specific jobs in this domain such as cloud architect, cloud software engineer, services developer, systems engineer has drastically increased in the past few years. Companies are looking for skilled professionals as well as beginners with prior knowledge of cloud computing. Experience with DevOps, entire cloud computing stack and IP6 will also be beneficial for getting a high profile job.

4. Network Administrator

A network administrator’s role is to handle the LAN/WAN protocols and network hardware or software configurations. They are the ones responsible for troubleshooting the failure or any other fault in the network. Depending upon the network needs, their role is decided, but few skills are needed to recruit the qualified candidates:

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic skills
  • A Bachelors or Masters Degree or 3-5 plus years of experience in relative field
  • Certifications like CCNA or other networking certification.

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5. Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

BI analysts should have experience in database related technologies, analytics or reporting tools, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT. A perfect BI analyst understands the business data needs and accordingly communicate with stakeholders. It’s their responsibility to fulfill a business need with sensible data. The common skills in BI analysts are:

  • Database queries knowledge (such as create, update, delete, etc.)
  • Understanding of Online Analytical Processing Approach (OLAP)
  • Data cube technology
  • Strong communication and written skills
  • Stored Procedure writing skills

6. Cyber Security Specialist

With growing technology trends, hackers are also leveraging new methods for security breaches such as DDoS attacks, SQL injections, malware, etc. Organizations demand increased excellence in security and cyber resilience. They need to ensure they are protecting the users and other sensitive information behind the network walls. Stakeholders are becoming aware of the security concerns and hiring professionals to address issues in their security system.

7. Machine Learning

The field of data science is growing drastically as a profession. Applying data science in complex scenarios such as deep computation, pattern matching, behavior recognition, we get machine learning is the result. Implementing neural networks in Tensorflow with R programming will present the desired outcomes.

Voice or text enabled automated chatbots are broadly used among websites these days. These chatbots are the outcome of the machine learning algorithm.

8. Mobile Application Development

Users these days spend more time on mobile applications, so the development in this sphere has increased in past years. On discussing revenue, app development held 69.7 billion USD in 2015, and the figure rose to 88.3 billion USD in 2016. And the growth of the figures doesn’t stop. One of the ways to get into the domain is studying and practice in specialized courses, such as Online Java Certification Course which will empower app development phases with specific knowledge and skills.

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About the author: This is the guest post by Suraj Pandey who specializes in digital marketing, cloud computing, web design and offer other valuable IT services for organizations.

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