Shop Till You Drop: 20 Packs of Free Shopping Clipart and Icons

Check the collection of shopping clipart and icons in various styles, all made my Icons8 team, and choose the ones you need for your creative projects.

“If you’re a queen, you’re powerless, so I’d probably demote myself and go shopping,” Helena Bonham Carter once said summing up the magic of shopping lots of people feel. For some of us, it is a therapy, for others, it’s an annoying burden, and obviously, for all, it is an integral part of everyday life. But there are also people, for whom shopping is a core of their business, and they need a variety of resources to make it work, including pictures and icons. Especially, in the case of ecommerce websites, landing pages, apps, and social media campaigns. So, continuing the posts sharing theme images and icon packs from our team, this time we’ve collected diverse shopping clipart and icons in 20 different design styles. The shopping images are pixel perfect and you will find the ones suitable for user interfaces, presentation clipart, custom card design, business and educational projects, SMM-images, and many other goals.

The sets feature some widely used shopping images popular with Icons8 users, from a shopping cart, bags, and money to buyers, shop buildings, credit cards, and product tags. If you want to check a full pack of pictures in a particular style, just click the link below the picture. Get all the shopping clip art images and icons free for a link and use them for your needs with no limits.

Bright shopping clip art in Color style

Sophisticated shopping clip art images in Color Hand Drawn style

Cart, shopping bag, trolley, credit card and other shopping images in Cute Color style

Bright and playful images on selling and buying in Cute Clipart style

Heavenly lovely shopping graphics in Cloud style

Funny and unusual shopping pictures in Doodle style

Wallet, coins, trolley, shop building, and other shopping clipart images in Pastel style

Neat shopping images in Office style

Monochrome shopping icons in Blue UI style

Shopping cart, trolley, money, delivery box, truck and other shopping icons in the original Gradient Line style

Elegant outline images on offline and online shopping in Cute Outline style

Neat and stylish shopping icons in Hand Drawn style

Lovely dots for a variety of shopping icons in Dotted style

Contrast and catchy shopping icons in Pastel Glyph style

Diversity of bold shopping icons in Windows Metro style

Simple outline shopping icons in Windows 10 style

Contrast shopping graphics in Android Ice Cream style

Smooth and neat shopping icons in Material Rounded style

Popular shopping icons in iOS Glyph style

Minimalistic shopping icons for user interfaces in Simple Small style

Check more clip art online. Or try our desktop app and download clip art and icons to use the free images offline in any vector editing software.

Also, welcome to review our previous theme sets of free clipart images and icons:



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