The new version of Ouch Illustrations provides creatives with a huge library of vectors to class up any design or creative project – or add a pinch of fun and brightness to it with no effort.

Illustrations as a part of user experience, social media marketing, newsletter design, or presentations present one of the most steady trends of recent years. Whether you are a designer or not, no one wants to get stuck with bad graphics. Icons8 illustrations give you access to thousands of gorgeous layered vectors for free. Today the new version with a vast and diverse collection of Ouch vectors in different design styles is released in the new design, convenient and easy to search around.

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think!

We launched the first version of Ouch two years ago with a library of little over 300 illustrations. Today we are happy to release version 2, improved, updated, extended, and redesigned. It’s a brand new platform to let anyone access the thousands of professional illustrations we now have available for free.

Icons8 illustrations are specifically crafted to help in making your designs look good and help users relate to your projects. Whether you are a professional designer or are just looking to spruce up your project, the fully re-designed site will give you fast access to our entire vector library.

This release features 21 new illustration styles including trendy surrealism, sketchy look, and simple line graphics just to name a few. From colorfully bold to minimal monochrome there is sure to be something here to fit your design system.

Features and Benefits

What makes our illustrations so special?

Consistent across your UX

Our styles are specifically made to cover your entire user experience flow, keeping your product looking professional. Build user trust and increase accessibility while also adding some flair to common tasks such as add-to-cart, checkout, 404 pages, or logins.

ouch vector illustrations

Combining vectors to make anything

We don’t just offer pre-made scenes, we have broken each layered vector graphic down into tagged and searchable objects; let your imagination run free!

ouch vector illustrations

Beautifully detailed, brand ready

Ouch! illustrations are crafted by talented designers and each one is ready for prime-time use in publications, emails, or your eCommerce store. Web designers across the world use Ouch! illustrations as the secret weapons in their design systems.

ouch vector illustrations

Free to use

Illustrations are free to use when you credit us with a link. Upgrade to Pro and get editable illustrations (SVG) and large PNG formats without having to add a link back. Just think of us as your behind-the-scenes design team.

ouch vector illustrations

Problems Solved by Ouch

In terms of high and tense competition in the digital world with numerous products and resources fighting for people’s attention, bland and unattractive content becomes a big issue. It may waste your efforts as the chances are users pass by your website, app, social media post, or newsletter without paying attention. Creators often experience the problem of boring content, for example:

  • typical app screens feel dull and get users annoyed while waiting or getting error messages
  • a blog article looks too long and hard without images
  • a landing page doesn’t catch attention without graphics
  • a website homepage has quite common looks and risks getting lost among competitors
  • another “nothing special” and “who cares” email will not attract many leads, etc.

Yet, getting quality graphics may be another problem in case you don’t have an illustrator who can cover your needs in illustrations able to tell your own story. Or your budget is low but the wish to make something beautiful is high. That’s where Ouch library becomes your helping hand. It helps UI designers, developers, bloggers, social media marketing and content managers, advertisers, and even educators easily get the illustrations and clipart images they need and choose the style they like.

ouch vector illustrations

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think, your feedback helps us make the product better.

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