Keep sharing design files or keep them safe? What’s your company choice? UI/UX designers can now have both. No tradeoffs or workarounds.

Let’s admit it: cloud tools have become part of our lives. Most of us can hardly imagine a workflow without collaboration on the same document, suggestions, comments, and other bells and whistles. But many industries still feel uneasy knowing that their data is floating somewhere in the clouds without proper control — banking, healthcare, insurance, you name it.

For design teams working in such fields, Lunacy now offers a Private cloud solution with two deployment options: on-premises and virtual private server (VPS).

Private cloud on-premises

For companies with a strong focus on security who prefer to keep all their data in-house. 

How it works:

  • You deploy your personal Lunacy Cloud on a dedicated server within your corporate network
  • You configure the teams and control who can edit or view certain documents
  • You take full care of the server and backups
  • Your administrator installs the updates after all the required checks

What you get:

  • Total control over your design cloud
  • Happy design and other teams enjoying the perks that cloud collaboration brings
  • Happy security department since no data gets outside

Private cloud on VPS

For the teams that don’t feel like sharing a common cloud with the rest of the world but aren’t quite ready to manage their own servers. 

How it works:

  • Our engineers deploy, configure, and update Lunacy Private Cloud for you on a virtual private server in any region or jurisdiction
  • You configure the teams and control who can edit or view certain documents
  • You make backups of your documents or delegate it to our engineers
  • Our engineers assist you with any technical matters as needed
  • Unlike users of privately hosted clouds, you can keep using built-in graphics and Lunacy’s AI tools

What you get:

  • Efficient design team working in a modern collaborative design editor
  • Peace of mind about the security of your design data
  • No headache about managing your private design cloud

Both solutions, Private Cloud on-premises and VPS, come with 24/7 priority support, a dedicated customer success manager, and priority feature requests.

Keep your designs safe with Lunacy

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