Our library of vector illustrations is growing day by day, so we’d like to give you a glance at some new design styles added to the flock.

Just a quick reminder: Ouch is a big library of vectors for creators that don’t draw but do want to add bright graphics and visual stories to their projects. The collection offers various graphics for typical interface screens, messages, notifications, errors, and states as well as vector images to use for blog articles, emails, newsletters, and landing pages. What’s more, Ouch illustrations can effectively work as clip art for SlideShare and Powerpoint presentations, social media posts, or classroom handouts.

For recent months, we’ve added a variety of fresh illustrations and extended the diversity of themes and subjects for all the packs. Illustrations are free to use when you credit us with a link. Upgrade to Pro and get editable illustrations (SVG) and large PNG formats without having to add a link back.

Now let’s look closer at the new styles.


The style called Conifer looks a bit surreal and far from classic. It uses bright spots and details for key elements in a consistent limited color palette and features funny characters that look like made of beads. The illustrations effectively add the original look and a pinch of storytelling to mobile screens, web pages, or social media posts.

Check and download the full set of illustrations in Conifer style


Pablita is a sort of generated style: it offers the monochrome version of the colorful Pablo pack, one of the most popular styles in the Ouch library. The more moderate Pablita version removes the colors and noise effects focusing on elegant line elements and bright color accents. The style is often used to visually support blog articles, landing pages, and newsletters.

Check and download the full set of illustrations in Pablita style


Gummy is a collection of clipart images in a bright multicolor palette. These free flat illustrations are made in a more traditional style of digital illustration and cover a variety of topics and details. They work well for not only interface screens but also presentation slides and blog articles.

Check and download the full set of free illustrations in Gummy style


Lime style features a pack of simple illustrations designed with the vibes of artistic primitivism. Most of the images feature people characters in various situations and different emotional states. The images are presented in a limited color palette and can effectively support a variety of user experience design cases.

Check and download the full set of illustrations in Lime style


Macaroni is the originally-looking style based on lines and curves. It is mostly presented with line graphics, mostly only depicting a silhouette of a person or object instead of giving a detailed picture. Due to that, it can work well on minimalistic interfaces and web pages.

Check and download the full set of illustrations in Macaroni style

Stay tuned, new styles and themes of illustrations and vector collages are coming soon!

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