Just recently we’ve released and shared a new design style of icons called Cute Clipart, but new updates aren’t long in coming. Today it’s time to share 5 new illustration styles added to Ouch. Just a quick reminder: Ouch is a big library of free vectors for creators that don’t draw but do want bright graphics for their projects. There you’ll find free graphics for typical interface screens, messages, notifications, errors, and states as well as vector images applicable to blog articles, emails, newsletters, and landing pages. What’s more, Ouch illustrations can effectively work as free clip art for SlideShare and Powerpoint presentations or classroom handouts.

For recent months, we’ve added a variety of fresh illustrations and extended the diversity of themes and subjects for all the packs. As usual, all the illustrations are free for a link. Now let’s review the new styles.

Ginger Cat

No such thing as too many cats, obviously. Ginger Cat is a pack of cute graphics featuring one character and leaving no chances for boring screens or pages. The style is cartoonish, it uses bright color accents and artistically harmonic, a bit naive approach to the graphics. Here are some examples.

ginger cat illustrationCustomer support

ginger cat artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence

ginger cat vector illustrationExpense tracking

no messages illustrationNo messages

no connection illustrationNo connection


Taxi pack of free vector graphics features the artworks based on the expressive color contrast of yellow and black as well as catchy and creative visual metaphors. The major characters in this pack are people in a variety of situations.

bad gateway illustrationBad gateway

vector illustration uploadingUploading

free vector illustrationWelcome

message sent illustrationMessage Sent

fatal error vector illustrationFatal error


Arabica is a pack of funny vector illustrations with a catchy warm-color palette and cute animalistic characters.

vector illustrations for designSign up

vector illustrations for designNo connection

vector illustrations for designBad gateway

vector illustrations for designNo comments

vector illustrations for designDelivery


Clip is a pack of geometric vectors designed in a minimalist graphic manner. The characters are mostly human and the artistic style is closer to illustration with more traditional proportions and easily recognized visual situations. They will look good not only in user interfaces but also as presentation clipart.

vector illustrations for designSuccess

vector illustrations for designPage under construction

vector illustrations for designUnsubscribed

vector illustrations for designWaiting

vector illustrations for designFatal error


One more illustration style to present today is Flame, full of bright colors and non-common visual metaphors. The pack is just started so more illustrations are coming soon.

vector illustrations for designCome back later

vector illustrations for designBad gateway

vector illustrations for designMessage sent

vector illustrations for designList is empty


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