Summer is the time of bright colors, smells, tastes, journeys, and dreams. Today we offer you to look at it through the lens of digital art. The new collection of inspiring designs features elaborate digital illustrations devoted to the summer theme. This year originally designed graphics are on top of design trends: illustrations are effective in creating the desired style and provide strong storytelling. So, enjoy and catch the vibe!

summer illustrations

Light and airy illustration by Ksenia Shokorova is built on the blue palette associated with water and sea. The artist explains that she likes drawing silhouettes from the back as it leaves the space for imagination about the character and the story.

holiday illustration

The illustration by Nutsa Avaliani is also based on blue and transfers the mood of the beach holiday. But this time the shades are bolder, the contrast is higher and extended with bright accents of red and turquoise. No people – only catchy details.

graphic design inspiration summer

One more look at the beach relaxation in the illustration by Zara Magumyan. It is also grounded on silhouettes and activates the power of negative space, which is especially noticeable for the hat. The color palette applies much white and blue in pastel textured presentation. This way it makes the silhouette of the woman more expressive.

summer stories illustration

This perspective of the summer stories by Folio Illustration Agency is different from the illustrations above. Its composition is also made up around the silhouette of a woman. But this time it’s all dynamic, with the birds flying, waves crashing, hair and clothes waving in the breeze.

summer illustration digital art

The digital artwork by Owen Gately for The Guardian shows us a different side of summer that is full of greenery, butterflies, devoted gardening and having a good time under the sun.

summer digital illustration

The summer mood of a hot and lazy day is shown in the illustration by Backhand-kill. The refreshing combination of pink and green, use of textures and the image of the cute sleepy cat make the artwork atmospheric.

digital illustration summer

The artwork by Lana Marandina called Missing Summer plays with contrast and shadows inspired by Renoir’s paintings.

digital illustration summer

Her another artwork for Unfold is based on blue, purple and pink color palette. It tells the story with the romantic mood of a summer night.

graphic design inspiration

Swimming pool, cute characters, catchy shadows and bright colors. This is how the summer atmosphere is performed in the digital illustration by Blank Lab.

summer island

And here’s one more color of summer: big orange sun, the key composition element of the artwork by Nick Slater. The picture opens the view on the solitary seashore. Smooth lines of waves and mountains set the relaxing mood. The color palette is built on the attractive contrast of blue, orange and yellow shades and lets you feel the heat.

summer holiday illustration

The funny and bright illustration by Artua also sets the vibes of the beach holiday: you cannot see people, but definitely feel their excitement transferred with the details – stickers, suitcase, board, palm trees and misty view of the sea.

digital illustration

In contrast to the previous examples, this airy illustration by Alex Kunchevski doesn’t have many details: simple and minimalistic, it’s built around the character, with pastel colors and thoughtful focus on anatomy and posing. But it seems to stream the light and freshness of summer morning.

With the artworks above, it’s easy to see how different people may have the same associations, think of similar ideas and choose the same details – but art allows them to perform that in many original ways.

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