Logo Inspiration: 20 Examples of Visual Metaphors in Logos

Logo design is not an easy challenge: designer‘s task is to create something simple and clear which is also original and meaningful. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? That is why logo designers are the masters of details and metaphors, and today we would like to introduce you one of them. Meet Yuri Kartashev who knows ins and outs of crafting a logo. What’s more, he is not only productive but also generous, regularly sharing logos and concepts on Dribbble and Behance.

Today we have collected 20 smartly designed logos from his huge portfolio: they creatively apply visual metaphors based on several recognizable images elegantly combined together. So, logo designers, enjoy and get inspired.


Check Yuri Kartashev’s portfolios on Dribbble and Behance
If there are designers whose portfolios really impress you, let us know about them here in comments or via Twitter and we will think about introducing their designs in further inspiring collections 

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