Interface illustrations get more and more popularity as a part of the mobile user experience. Here we’ve prepared a new dose of inspiration for you with a bunch of mobile UI concepts with illustrations that add information, beauty, and fun to the layout.

For the last couple of years, illustrations set as a well-established trend in UI design. Not only do they add attractiveness, originality, and style to the mobile screens and web pages but they also make them quicker perceived, informational, and emotional. So, used wisely and consistently, custom graphics enhance user experience. That is why UX designers diligently develop a diversity of concepts and ideas on integrating illustration into user interfaces. And it’s better to see than tell. Below, we’ve collected for you a set of mobile concepts by different designers and studios, all of them united by illustrations in various styles that have become the eye-pleasing part of user interactions. Enjoy!

illustration in ui

The educational app concept by Orizon harmonically integrates illustrations in Flame style from Ouch, our free library of vectors for popular UI screens and states.

course app design

Course app design by UI8 uses illustrations that mark different categories of courses.

paybakc mobile app

Shipping app concept by Andrew Walter for people sending and receiving stuff uses bright theme illustration on the tracking screen as well as interface illustrations for different content groups and notifications.

illustrations in UI

This pet app concept by Anton Mikhaltsov is beautified and cutified with funny illustrations.

UI design health app

Mobile concept of an app for hiring a doctor by UI Flocks with lovely illustrations quickly setting the theme.

birds illustration

A simple shazam-ish mobile concept for recognizing bird talk by Fireart Studio bases its visual style on eye-catching illustration presenting different types of birds as well as setting the theme on the main screen.

beauty blog app

Beauty blog app concept by Semas features a lovely theme illustration following the visual consistency with icons, color palette, and graphic details of the rest of the layout.

medical app concept

The medical app concept by Yi Li features the interface illustration adding beauty to the confirmation screen. By the way, it also uses the photos from Moose as user avatars.

app design concept

Mobile app tutorial by Martha Pavlenko features a funny cat mascot illustration in Ginger Cat style you can find on Ouch and Vector Creator

audiobook store app

Mobile app by Tubik for an audiobook store features a variety of consistent custom illustrations for book covers and categories.

booking app design

The booking app design concept by Giga Tamarashvili features custom illustrations that present various locations.

vinyls app design

Vinyl app design concept by Fireart Studio with a catchy theme illustration setting the atmosphere and custom graphics of musical instruments for category cards.

meditation app design

Meditation and mindfulness app concept by Outcrowd uses eye-pleasing character illustrations on the cards of different content categories.

santa app design

Super cute design concept by Riotters: the app for Santa Claus with custom illustrations for kids and their presents.

design mobile website

The mobile concept for the website of a digital agency by Semas uses hero illustrations on the screens to consistently provide visual messages to a visitor.

article app mobile concept

Mobile screens of the app for reading articles by David Walter feature the bright people illustrations as a factor of both attractiveness and informativeness.

food app design

The mobile design exploration on food and cooking by Paperpillar uses the catchy theme illustration to support the needed mood and emotional appeal.

weather app design

Bright illustrations in the mobile concept by Fireart Studio instantly turn a basic weather application into fun and cuteness.

mobile app planets

The mobile concept by Kit8 shows the benefits of custom graphics as a part of user experience.

kids app design

The mobile UI concept of an app for children’s education by Outcrowd uses a lovely illustration for user onboarding and cheerful graphics giving quick visual prompts about the program themes.

mobile app concept

Mobile concept of an app for UI designers by Tran Mau Tri Tam harmonically integrates trendy illustration into the screen layouts.

mobile app bees

Funny mascot illustrations of bees make user onboarding friendly and catchy in a mobile app concept by Tubik.

Don’t miss new posts on UI inspiration, they are coming soon. And let us know in comments if you want to see UI examples on a specific theme.

About the author: Marina Yalanska, content writer and design researcher, Managing Editor for Icons8 Blog.

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