We’ve launched a new blog. It’s pretty now. Somehow, I feel older.

I have a personal relationship with it. Icons8 started as a WordPress installation with a couple of pages. It took me 4 hours for all: custom design, functionality, content, coding.

We professionalized since then. The world professionalized. Whatever we have now as a company blog, was a leading industry magazine back then.

But still, if someone would say redesigning a WordPress blog could take 6 months, I wouldn’t believe it. Here’s why it took so long:

  1. That includes migrating of a crapload of data, plugins, and formatting.
  2. That includes closing the technical debt of countless plugins and custom code. I wouldn’t even launch it locally after several years, and I spent several days googling and bugging the team.
  3. The team wasn’t busy full time with it.

But still, things become hard. They take longer. Nothing is easy. It feels like becoming old. What’s next? Taking several minutes to start peeing?

Anyway! We have a new blog.

Ivan Braun, founder of Icons8

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