We’ve released a huge and consistent Emoji set, reimagined by Icons8. Get billions of emoji beautifully crafted by our designers for consistent quality and style to integrate into your app. That’s one of the most complete – and legal to use! – sets around.

Our library of emojis offers the full coverage of all classic emoji plus extends them with many more graphics. Today the collection is released on Product Hunt, so welcome to join the discussion, or get more details below.

icons8 emoji

Set your brand apart with lovely and catchy custom emojis. The Icons8 team has reimagined what emoji should look like, creating a full set of:

  • reactions
  • smileys
  • people
  • places and buildings
  • nature
  • food and drinks, and so much more.
icons8 emoji

Designed as layered SVGs, these emoji can be recomposed to create truly unique experiences, up to 16 billion of them!

icons8 emoji

Keep your workflow simple with files served from our production CDN,  provided by API or a flat JSON file. No more hand-selecting emoji.
Our emoji are perfect for apps, games, newsletters, or use as stickers.
icons8 emoji

Many apps use Apple emoji without understanding that it is actually a violation of their rules, and can result in apps getting removed from the app store. Instead of licensing the same emoji as everyone else, get the best straight from the source.

icons8 emoji

If you struggling with emoji meanings, combos, or just can’t wrap your head around using a particular one – check out emojis.wiki.

Take a look at some graphics from our emoji collection

emoji people emoji people vectors emoji gestures emoji faces emoji public transport transport emoji

Don’t wait long, check our lovely Emoji, add them to your apps, and have fun!

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