Each design has its own scale. It applies to elements size and like thickness. Now, we have icons that can fit any project and look consistent at any scale.

Meet Forma, fully adjustable icons that can be filled and outlined. Their line thickness varies from 1 to 2.5 px. In general, there are 8 icon packs:

Forma icon style group presentation

Icons in font

Having four types of line thicknesses is the winning point in using these icons together with the text. The typeface weight doesn’t matter, Forma will match them all.

Forma icons match with the font

Icons in interface

By playing with different visual weights, you can change the average look of the interface, making it light or bold.

Forma icons match with the interface elements

Icons in prints

The same goes for prints: if you want your poster to deliver a light and minimalistic feeling, go with the light weight. If you want the design to look more brutal and noticeable, choose thicker lines.

Forma icons match with prints

Combination of different types of icons

All packs are made to look good together. Mix and match outlined and filled ones to highlight the selected state in your US design.

Forma icons mix and match filled with outlined

Different weight for any purpose

Designs don’t exist in a vacuum. they serve their purpose. For example, Forma Bold can also help in tricky printing cases. Some printing methods, like letterpress or lithography, require thicker lines in design. If your design includes icons in tiny sizes, go for the bold weight to ensure perfect print.

Another example is navigation signs. It should be clear and readable even from afar. So this is where the bold weight comes into a game:

Forma icons with the navigation signs

These are just a couple of cases where having more formats is essential. Try using this, the most flexible icon style, to experiment, mix, and match. Don’t waste time adjusting your design elements to fit the scale, just use icons right in the scale you need.

Try Forma icons that fit any design


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