Sometimes there is just no time to wait for a professional designer to make your social media post image. Here is a short and easy guide on how to do it by yourself.

This is how we created a Twitter post image using the online editor Mega Creator. It lets you create eye-catching designs in no time. You can use this template and go with us step-by-step.

Find an inspiration

First, we need inspiration. Cause what can be sadder than a blank canvas? It is always a good idea to start with pre-made samples as a hook: they already have some ideas about the composition and color pallet. Let’s go through the templates library. In our case, we need ‘Twitter post’ templates. By clicking on it, we will automatically get a canvas in Twitter post image size, which is 1024×512 pixels.

Pick a graphics

Since our post is about breadcrumbs, let’s put bread in it. We go to the illustrations library and search for a decent piece of bread.

Put a text

Next, we need a headline. Let’s adjust it to suit the design.

We can change size, line, and symbols interval. Let’s make it noticeable enough but still leave some space for graphics.

Make sure the visual looks catchy

Are we positive about the illustration? It looks like we can try a 3D style that would work better here.

The background will suit better in a different color. Let’s change it.

Final check

Almost there! The last step is to fix the composition, and we can export it.

Done! Here’s our final social media post design:Breadcrumbs Twitter post image made with Mega Creator
Try to create your unique design with Mega Creator!

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