How To Create A Valentine Card In Lunacy

Do you feel creative enough to make your own custom Valentine’s day card? Here is a tutorial on creating a romantic image in Lunacy, free graphic software. There is a built-in library of photos to help you create a wow effect with a few easy steps. And the AI-based background removal will save you time for creativity. Check out and try!

Here is the card we want to make.

Download project for Lunacy

Now, let’s see how we can make it.
1. Open Lunacy.

2. Choose the Artboard you want; we’ve picked Social Media “Dribble Shot HD”.

3. Adjust the zoom to see the full artboard.

4. Select the Rectangle Tool and stretch it across the entire artboard.

5. Change the color of the rectangle. Choose the fill, for example, a gradient.

6. Add two center points on the gradient. Use colors from the gradient’s opposite sides: pink-pink, and pale pink, in this case.

7. Connect the two center points somewhere in the middle of the gradient for a sharp transition.

8. Open the photos library.

9. Find a photo. We’ll search for the “letter”.

10. Select a photo and stretch it over the artboard.

11. Remove the background of the photo so that only the envelope remains. Use the “Remove background” button in the right panel.

12. Rotate the image using the controls around the object or in the right panel.

13. Select the Rectangle Tool and add it above the photo.

14. Change the color of the rectangle.

15. Add a shadow to the rectangle.

16. Return to the photo library and find another image, for example, “donut”.

17. Select a photo and paste it above the rectangle.

18. Remove the background of a photo using the Background removal button in the right panel.

19. Add one more image from the photo library.

20. Remove the background of a photo using the Background removal button in the right panel.

21. Activate the Cutout tool by double-clicking on the image. Select and crop the unnecessary details. Apply the changes.

22. Fix the position of the photos.

23. Use the Text tool to add some text.

24. Type in or paste the text.

25. Adjust the font, size, color, and spacing of the text block.

26. Find the secondary image in the photo library.

27. Add a photo to the top right angle of the artboard.

28. Remove the background of a photo using the Background removal button in the right panel.

29. Adjust the position and rotation of the elements until you are happy with the result.

30. Select all the objects by pressing Ctrl (Cmd) + A on your keyboard. Then click the plus button next to Make Exportable in the right tab to set up export.

31. Finally, export your Valentine card.


Download project for Lunacy

From all our hearts, we wish you a happy Valentine’s day! Share your love with your loved ones!

Check out another tutorial on creating Valentine’s day cards in Lunacy. It’s pretty short and easy and takes less time.

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Follow the Lunacy team on social media and stay tuned for new tutorials:

For more Valentine’s day resources, check free animated icons and love clipart and icons.
About the author: Julia G, a wonderful creature responsible for QA and SMM at the Lunacy team.


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