Did you forget to smile for the camera? Are you hyper-cautious about protecting your identity online? With HeyPhoto, you can edit your face for free in literal seconds.

Altering your face with photo editing applications can be an immensely exhausting and hardly successful mission. Most of the time, the best you can do is edit your facial features by warping the mesh or using the smudge tool. Both options are fairly time-consuming and never guarantee realistic results. Not to mention, they wouldn’t help if you wanted to change your age or gender in the picture.

Lucky for you, we are releasing an online face editor that can perform all these tasks for you for free while keeping the original quality of the picture intact. Meet HeyPhoto, a smart and quick face editing tool that you can use both for fun and for protecting your personal data. Ready to discover its smart features?

1. Look at bird

Sometimes it can be confusing where you’re supposed to look when multiple people take pictures of you at once. This doesn’t only happen to celebrities — we’ve all been there. With HeyPhoto’s Look at bird feature, you can fix a picture with the wrong gaze direction and make your eyes look right into the camera. Or vice versa, make that stare a little less direct and a bit more mysterious by moving your eyes to the side.

Need to fix a group photo with multiple people looking away at the same time? No problem at all, HeyPhoto can easily do that as well! HeyPhoto’s AI algorithms can recognize several faces within the same picture, allowing you to edit them individually one by one. No more crying over a hopelessly ruined birthday picture because Tim and Jessica ignored the photographer.

2. Anonymize

Keeping your personal information safe from potential identity theft is crucial now that every other website asks you for a name and a profile photo. You can never know for certain if a server you upload your pictures on is trustworthy (ours is, pinky promise). Plus, sometimes it’s the shady users that collect other people’s personal data to exploit it later. To ensure your own safety, it wouldn’t hurt to edit your photos a tiny bit — just enough to make your face unreadable for facial recognition systems without turning yourself into a completely different person.

3. Smile

Did your boss ask you for a serious, completely poker-faced picture for posting on the company website? And in every single one you have your smile takes up 50% of the entire face? Or maybe you need a joyful picture with a wide smile, but the only facial expression you approve of is grumpy? HeyPhoto can easily help you with both thanks to its smile editor: adjust your level of friendliness in a click.

4. Emotions

When adding or removing a smile is not enough, you can try tweaking your emotions. With HeyPhoto, you can make yourself look scared, surprised, happy, disgusted, or friendly without the need to retake the picture. By changing the depth and placement of the wrinkles, adjusting the eye size, and altering the positioning of the eyebrows, HeyPhoto’s AI algorithms quickly create realistic facial expressions.

5. Gender

All of us have a masculine and a feminine side — want to enhance one of these two a little? Thanks to HeyPhoto’s gender tool, you can make your face more warm and tender or go for a slightly intimidating chiseled look. And no worries, our AI knows that a feminine look is not all about making the face 3x slimmer and painting the lips bright red.

6. Age

Face agers are some of the most popular AI photo editing tools along with gender swappers. After all, isn’t it intriguing to take a sneak peek into your future? HeyPhoto’s face aging tool can make you look decades younger or reveal your older self. Not nearly as extreme as some other AI photo agers, HeyPhoto will turn you into one good-looking grandma or grandpa!

And more to come!

Did you think we were going to stop there? Soon, we are going to add 5 more awesome features to HeyPhoto’s toolset. With these tools, HeyPhoto will turn into the ultimate digital beauty salon: you will be able to modify your hairstyle, apply makeup, adjust your skin tone, reshape your face, and even change the shape of your nose.

I’m good, I already have another photo editing app

We still suggest you give HeyPhoto a try! Here’s why:

  1. It’s free. Every single tool, with no exception. For the majority of popular AI-based face editing apps, most tools are only available in the Pro version. For instance, if you want to edit a smile, only one type of smile will be free. This is not the case with HeyPhoto — it’s free for everyone, no subscriptions required.
  2. It doesn’t crop your pictures, resize them, or downgrade their quality. You reap precisely what you sow, as long the photo is no bigger than 5 MB and the face takes up no more than 1024×1024 px. HeyPhoto will not make your picture grainy, blurry, or weirdly zoomed in.
  3. It has unique face editing features. Not to brag, but we genuinely doubt you’ve seen an app that offers a gaze direction editor, an emotion adjuster, and an anonymizer, all for free. The closest you can get to the results HeyPhoto’s anonymizer gives you is by tapping through various face editing tools like nose resizing, freckle insertion, and others. Those, however, don’t always perform exactly as you’d need them to and often barely work on children’s faces.

Use the power of AI to edit your portrait photos in a few clicks for free — try HeyPhoto now!

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