Graphic Design Inspiration: 30 Hot and Expressive Summer Illustrations

In the heyday of summer, we offer you a new design inspiration post. This time it’s all about stylish and elegant illustrations full of summer vibes. A graphic designer in our focus today is Malika Favre, a well-known French artist and illustrator based in London.

Her expressive style is like a song of praise to minimalism, boldness, and elegance; it plays with light and contrast with no limits or fear. And she’s definitely a master of negative space. Malika is an artist behind many eye-catching covers and illustrations for The New Yorker; among her clients, you will find Penguin Books, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora, and others.

Today we’ve collected 30 digital artworks by her to catch the best feelings of summer heat. To see more, check Malika Favre’s official website.

As a bonus, here’s a short video about Malika Favre, her art and lifestyle.



If there are designers whose portfolios really impress you, let us know about them in comments or via Twitter and we will consider introducing their designs in further inspiring collections.

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