Low poly is the term from 3D computer graphic modeling which means a polygon mesh with a quite limited number of polygons. It is used for games and apps and is simpler than the graphics applied in the film industry. Low poly looks not that sophisticated as high poly graphics, but it has a considerable impact on performance and reduces render time. Today, we can say that the low-poly style of illustrations has become another design trend in the game industry so many illustrators and 3D artists try themselves in this direction.

For another dose of inspiration, we want to introduce you one of them – Mohamed Chanin from Egypt. His portfolio is rich with isometric low poly illustrations that cover different objects and reflect the variety of environments of different complexity. Among his artworks, you will find not only objects or characters but also elaborately crafted rooms, all setting their own mood and story. There are many vintage ones, with recognizable stylized details from the 1960s to 1990s.  What’s more, Mohamed is really productive sharing new and new 3D art examples via Dribbble and Behance. So, enjoy and get inspired.

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Check Mohamed Chanin’s portfolios on Dribbble and Behance
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