Lunacy 4.0. Free Graphic Design Software with Built-In Design Resources

In version 4.0, Lunacy operates as a full-fledged graphic editor with icons, photos, masked images and illustrations integrated and ready to use. It’s a Sketch alternative for Windows with numerous and diverse design assets. Join the discussion on Product Hunt, where Lunacy 4.0 has just been released, or check the upgrades into our free graphic design software in this article.

The Key Problem of Design Tools

Design tools and design assets live their own lives. Tools know nothing about content. Visual resources, which may be needed for design and marketing projects, exist on multiple platforms and demand time and attention on exploration and picking up the suitable ones. As a result, creators have to search for visuals scattered all over the web. It’s time-consuming and tiring, sounds not that good at the aspect of productivity, isn’t it? That actually was the major update we’ve planned for Lunacy – and now it’s live to make design processes much faster and easier.

Solution: Integrated Design Assets

Lunacy 4.0 solves the problem: it makes software and content work together. Get the libraries of visual content already built-in into the editor.

In this version, the editor provides integration of the visual content:

  • trendy illustrations from the top Dribbble artists in 20 different styles
  • over 100,000 icons in 22 styles
  • masked images
  • variety of high-quality photos in a single style

So, now it’s Sketch alternative for Windows but much better and more flexible, with diverse built-in design assets.

More Updates

As well, compared to the previous version, the graphic editor got a major improvement in the aspect of functionality. For example, now Lunacy offers:

  • GPU rendering for fast and smooth work; now users don’t need to worry about freezing
  • symbols that significantly increase the productivity of the design processes
  • effects: shadows, blurs, and all that stuff
  • avatars
  • presentation mode
  • ability to set the workspace color
  • project shadow copy: keep calm that your work is safe
  • improved user experience for processing text content
  • automatic crash reporting system (you can opt to send us a file)
  • shape editing
  • convert text to outline a path
  • pages
  • grid layout
  • full-fledged typography functionality, and much more.

Sure, the process of improvement doesn’t stop: now we are updating Lunacy to help designers simplify repetitive operations (you know, tons of the same buttons, tabs, and all that stuff).
Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think. Your feedback is the way to get the product better.


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