Don’t get stuck with a biased machine learning model from scraped training data. Generated Photos has made safe, high-quality datasets that are well-distributed between races and genders.

The real-life and AI-generated datasets of people images to improve research and machine learning processes have just been released on Product Hunt, welcome to join the party. In this release, the Generated Photos team rolled out:

  • up to 500k synthetic faces
  • 175k+ real-life images
  • GDPR-safe
generated photos datasets

Bias in machine learning is a serious topic. As a producer of AI imagery, we pay special attention to these issues. Currently, most datasets used in industry and academia are extremely biased, and sadly, we are now seeing the consequences of those poorly constructed inputs. As they say, garbage-in, garbage-out. We have recently been working with universities and companies to help solve these issues with synthetic data. There is still more work to be done to improve our own generation capabilities, but we believe this is a firm step in the right direction.

Balanced or gap-filling datasets

We can generate both full datasets that are evenly distributed among race and gender, or we can provide you with supplementary data that can be used to even-out your existing data.

Synthetic images

We have specifically trained a new machine learning model to ensure that the photos we produce are not heavily biased towards any race or gender. Packed with detailed metadata and options for customizable backgrounds, these safe, synthetic datasets afford the utmost flexibility. No likeness rights, no royalties, no BS.

generated photos datasets

Real images

Does your training work require more than faces? Then don’t reinvent the wheel when you can use ours! We have a professional photography team that has captured a huge library of high-quality, licensed training images in our photo studio. Save the time and money of sourcing models, preparing sets, and hiring photographers. These datasets display a wide variety of poses, facial expressions, models and are available with masked backgrounds.


  • 175k+ high-resolution real studio portrait photos
  • up to 500k safe-to-use synthetic face photos
  • specific datasets covering balanced races, ages, and emotions
  • full characteristic, position, and image metadata included
  • available with backgrounds included or as precisely masked transparent PNGs.

We are happy to also introduce a dataset that is free for academic use!

generated photos datasets

If you are interested in much larger datasets, please contact the team via And welcome to join the discussion on Product Hunt.

Learn more about our AI tools such as Anonymizer, Smart Upscaler, and enhanced Generated Photos library.

generated photos datasets

Written by the team of Generated Photos, the huge and growing library of faces generated by artificial intelligence.

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