Let’s delve into the wonders of AI headshot generators — the behind-the-scenes champions for those of us who don’t have time for a full-blown photoshoot.

Think fast: When’s the last time a LinkedIn headshot made you stop scrolling? It’s got that pro vibe, right? Maybe it’s the smile or the eyes, but then you see it—”Made by AI.” And you’re like, “No way!”

We’re in the golden age of AI headshots. It’s where your online first impression can shine without booking a photo studio. A sharp headshot is your virtual handshake if you’re in business, real estate, or any gig.

Forget fussing with tripods or lighting. AI’s got your back. Now, your profile pic can mean business without you saying a word. Actors, models, CEOs, and even you outdoor adventurers – there’s an AI ready to make your face the front page of your brand.

So, here’s the scoop: Can AI really provide you with a top-notch headshot without privacy worries? With a sea of options, which AI tool gets the trophy?

Stay tuned. We’re about to spill the beans on the 16 best AI tools for headshots that mean business. By the end, you might just be ready for your close-up.

Table of contents

  1. What are headshots?
  2. Top 16 AI headshot generators

What are headshots?

Think of headshots as your virtual introduction; they’re the first thing people see and the last thing they forget. In the professional realm, they’re your visual calling card. Your headshot is a key part of your professional identity. It can say more about you than words, making a powerful statement in a world driven by visual content.

Top 16 AI headshot generators

Pull up a chair, and let’s chat about the magic of AI headshot generators – the unsung heroes for those of us not blessed with a camera-friendly mug or the patience for a photoshoot.

Human Generator: Best AI headshot generator overall

Meet the Human Generator by Generated Photos, a free ai headshot generator that turns the complex art of portrait photography into a piece of cake. This tool isn’t just about giving you a professional-looking headshot; it’s about crafting a digital you that can fit into any professional scenario you can imagine.

human generator landing page

Key features:

  • Diversity is its middle name. With a vast library of facial features, skin tones, and expressions, the Human Generator is all about options.
  • Customization galore. Change hair color, backgrounds, and even clothing to suit your professional persona, be it a crisp suit for that corporate look or smart-casual for your startup’s website.

Quality of output. The headshots are impressively lifelike, boasting a resolution that stands up to scrutiny even on high-DPI displays. It’s all about the detail, from the catchlights in the eyes to the subtle skin textures, making it clear that this AI has done its homework on human features.

Pricing. Human Generator is free to use. But if you want to speed up the process, there’s you can subscribe for $19.99/mo for priority generations and unlimited downloads.

HeadshotPro: Best for high-resolution images

HeadshotPro offers a swift service for creating professional business headshots using AI technology. You can upload your photos, select a desired style, and receive over 120 generated headshots in a quick turnaround time.

headshotpro screenshot

Key Features

  • Delivers over 120 headshots per person.
  • Provides three unique locations per shoot.
  • Offers a large selection of clothing for varied professional looks​.

Quality of output. The platform prides itself on producing indistinguishable headshots from real photos, eliminating the need for a physical shoot and ensuring matching photos for consistent branding.

Pricing. Pricing for the service starts at $29 per person.

TryItOnAI: Best for professional studio portraits

TryItOnAI offers a solution for creating digital headshots. It focuses on generating images that are intended for professional use across various platforms.

tryiton landing page screenshot

Key features

  • The tool provides a selection of predefined styles designed to match different professional contexts.
  • It allows for the integration of headshots into virtual backgrounds, matching professional environments.

Quality of output. The headshots produced by TryItOnAI have a consistent quality, with attention to detail in facial features. The images are generated with the aim of suitability for professional profiles.

Pricing. You can generate free headshots with TryItOnAI using basic features. But you can get 100 headshots for $17, and the edit of one headshot is $10.

Aragon AI: Best for LinkedIn and resumes

Aragon AI is an AI headshot generator that leverages advanced algorithms to produce images suited for various professional settings.

aragon ai headshot generator screenshot

Key features

  • The platform emphasizes using sophisticated AI to render headshots with realistic features and expressions.
  • It offers customization options, allowing users to adjust certain aspects of the headshot to fit specific professional requirements.

Quality of output. Aragon AI’s output is designed to meet professional standards, with a focus on creating headshots that are both clear and appropriately representational for users’ intended purposes.

Pricing. The service offers a range of pricing plans, starting at $29 per 40 AI-generated headshots.

AirBrush Studio’s AI Generator: Best for value

AirBrush Studio’s AI Generator offers an online solution for creating professional corporate headshots quickly and efficiently without the need for a physical photo shoot.

airbrush headshot generator screenshot

Key features

  • The platform features a variety of backgrounds and outfits, catering to diverse professional aesthetics such as office, window view, bookshelf, park, and several solid colors.
  • You can select a headshot style designed by professional photographers, each with a unique lighting setup, background, and aesthetic.

Quality of output. AirBrush Studio’s AI Generator gives out high-quality business headshots.

Pricing. The Lite Plan offers 5 headshots for $4.99, the Normal Plan provides 40 headshots for $19.99, and the Premium Plan delivers 120 headshots for $39.99, all with a processing time of 2 hours​.

ProPhotos AI: Best for entrepreneurs

ProPhotos AI claims to simplify obtaining a professional headshot by using AI to generate photorealistic images. They promise to provide a unique personality and style that could make your professional profile stand out.

prophotos ai headshots screenshot

Key features

  • The service is designed to be fast and user-friendly, turning casual photos into polished headshots.
  • It offers customization options to ensure the headshots reflect your style, which is crucial if you want to maintain a certain image across various professional platforms​.

Quality of output. In practice, the generated headshots are indeed of high quality, appearing professional and polished, suitable for LinkedIn, resumes, or corporate websites. The images I received were ready to be used without further editing or adjustments.

Pricing. ProPhotos AI offers three main pricing tiers:

  • The basic package is $25 and includes 40 unique AI headshots, with a turnaround time of 90 minutes.
  • The premium package, at $55, provides 80 headshots with more clothing styles and backgrounds, ready in 45 minutes.
  • The professional package costs $155, delivers 160 headshots with the widest variety of backgrounds and clothing styles, and boasts the fastest turnaround time of 30 minutes​.

Secta AI: Best new tool

The service advertises a straightforward value proposition: upload more than 25 of your photos, and within an hour, Secta AI will provide over 100 professional headshots. True to its word, the turnaround is quick, and the variety is impressive.

secta ai screenshot

Key features

  • A wide variety of styles and poses are available, and the user interface is intuitive enough to navigate the customization options easily.
  • You can choose clothes, colors, and backgrounds, which is great for tailoring the headshot to specific professional settings.

Quality of output. The headshots were numerous and varied, with the AI ensuring that the results looked realistic and high-quality. While the output was generally good, I noticed a few imperfections across the images, which is something to be mindful of.

Pricing. Secta AI offers a Test Plan for $4.99, which seems to be an entry-level option. For a more comprehensive service, a promotion offers 300+ headshots and the ability to remix, uncrop, recolor, and retouch the images for $49.

Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery operates at the confluence of AI and professional photography, providing an AI-powered headshot generator. It offers quick conversion of simple selfies into professional headshots, emphasizing rapid service and studio-quality output.

profile bakery ai professional headshot generator screenshot

Key features

  • Quick turnaround time, promising headshots within a maximum of two hours.
  • Comprehensive packages that extend beyond headshots, including tools for creating AI cover letters and basic CV templates.
  • High customizability with various style options and the ability to customize backgrounds.

Quality of output. Profile Bakery guarantees high-quality, personalized headshots, ensuring they reflect your personality and professional image. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, promising to redo the headshot for free if you are unhappy.

Pricing. The service starts at $20 for a one-time package, which includes 30 high-quality headshots.

StudioShot AI

StudioShot AI is a tool designed to simplify creating professional headshots. It offers a quicker alternative to traditional photoshoots, aiming to provide users with headshots through an automated process.

studioshot screeenshot

Key features

  • The tool provides the option to upload existing photos or capture new ones directly through the platform.
  • Various photographic styles are available to suit different professional looks.
  • Offers a selection of more than 50 headshot styles to choose from.

Quality of output. StudioShot AI produces headshots comparable to professional studio quality with various styles.


  • Individual headshots were priced at $29.25, down from the usual $39.
  • A tiered pricing model offers discounts for bulk orders, such as $21.75 per headshot for groups of 5-20 people.

Headshots by AI

Headshots by AI aims to deliver professional-grade headshots using AI technology. With a focus on quality and quick delivery, it caters to those needing quality images swiftly.

headshots by ai screenshots

Key features. The service boasts a super-resolution option, claiming to enhance the clarity and detail of the headshots it produces. It also emphasizes a simple pricing model, with no subscription required and a choice of packages to suit different needs and budgets.

Quality of output. The site promises high-quality, ‘pro’ headshots, but it’s important to note that I couldn’t verify the output quality firsthand through testimonials or user reviews.

Pricing: HeadshotsByAI offers three pricing tiers:

  • Priority: $50 for 180 headshots, delivered within 3 hours.
  • Standard: $35 for 120 headshots, delivered within 6 hours.
  • Basic: $25 for 60 headshots, delivered within 12 hours​.

Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator

Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator is an online tool to produce professional headshots from uploaded photos or text descriptions, catering to various professional scenarios.

fotor screenshot

Key features

  • The ability to create headshots from both photos and text descriptions.
  • A selection of styles for different professional contexts is available.
  • A user-friendly interface that simplifies the headshot creation process.

Quality of output. The headshots are high-resolution and pretty realistic.

Pricing. Has a basic free plan with 3 credits. Subscription starts at $2.54/mo if billed yearly.


Snappr offers an AI Headshot Generator designed to create professional headshots easily and quickly, suitable for various professional uses.

snappr screenshot

Key features

  • The tool uses AI to enhance facial features and expressions in photos.
  • Offers retouching options to clean up fine lines and blemishes.

Quality of output. Snappr’s headshots turned out to be good at capturing personal features and expressions.

Pricing. $19 for a collection of 6 custom AI Headshots.

The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI offers a service where you can transform your selfies into 100 professional-grade headshots through an AI-powered process. It provides a quick turnaround and emphasizes privacy by committing to delete the uploaded images after use.

multiverse ai screenshot

Key features

  • Utilizes a latent diffusion model to transform selfies into professional headshots, with a simple three-step process that requires no app or registration.
  • Allows to receive 100 different headshots in various styles within hours, catering to a professional online presence.

Quality of output. The quality of the pictures is decent, and they add a new “Upscale” feature, which is handy.

Pricing. For $24, you can upload 12-20 images of yourself and receive 100 custom headshots. You can also get 40 extra images for free if you share one of the generated images on social media and tag The Multiverse AI.

AI SuitUp

AI SuitUp is an AI tool that transforms standard photos into professional AI headshots. It streamlines the process of getting a professional headshot by providing a rapid, user-friendly service that produces quality results with a focus on privacy and cost-effectiveness.

ai suitup screenshot

Key features

  • Provides a quick service, delivering 100 headshots within an hour.
  • Offers personalization to align with individual branding and style preferences.

Quality of output. The headshots turned out professional and sophisticated.

Pricing. Paid plans start at $19 for 100 headshots 512x512px.


ProfilePicture.AI is an AI-powered tool that creates personalized profile pictures, from realistic avatars to fantasy-themed images. It’s user-friendly and designed to save time by automating the image creation process. It’s not necessarily a tool for professional headshots, but you can still generate a LinkedIn profile picture.

ai profile picture screenshot

Key features

  • Offers over 350 styles, providing a wide range of image customization.
  • Utilizes a one-time payment system, which can be cost-effective compared to subscription models.

Quality of output. The results can be hit or miss.

Pricing. The service is priced per style, with 15 included in the base price and additional styles costing extra. This could be seen as a flexible pricing model, allowing users to pay for only what they need.

Dreamwave AI

Dreamwave AI’s setup is simple: upload a handful of your own photos, and the system uses these to generate unlimited new headshots. The premise is to save you the hefty fees of professional photography and the hassle it brings. It’s also wasn’t tailored for professional headshots, but if you want to add some unique touch, Dreamwave AI is a great choice.

dreamwave ai screenshot

Key features

  • The promise of unlimited scenes and styles was appealing. You could get a diverse range of headshots without ever leaving your desk.
  • The generator is supposed to handle everything from your best angles to outfit choices, eliminating the need for a stylist or a professional photographer.

Quality of output. The results were quite impressive. The AI presented headshots that looked like they were taken by a human photographer—none of that artificial, filtered look. Seeing how the AI adapted to different styles and backgrounds was fascinating.

Pricing. At the time of my trial, they had a limited-time offer of $39 for 60 photos, which is a solid deal considering the quality and variety of headshots provided.

And there you have it, my design-savvy comrades—the grand tour of the 16 AI wizards reshaping the landscape of professional headshots. Each brings its sprinkle of pixel dust to the table, ensuring you look fabulous. So whether you’re a CEO, real estate agent, actor, or just about to kick start your career, remember: a standout headshot is just a click away. Go forth, harness the power of AI, and may your professional sparkle be as unmistakable as your talent. Until next time, keep designing your destiny, one click at a time!

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