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We welcome you, creative guys with experience to share, to Icons8 Blog. Designers, developers, digital artists, photographers, advertising and marketing specialists, managers organizing creative flows, and others who have something interesting to tell – here we have a team ready to help you spread the word about your craft and present your achievements.

Content to Post

We invite you to publish:

  • Articles
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Case studies
  • Useful lists
  • Informative reviews of tools and services

The themes can cover a variety of design and technology-related directions: UI, UX, web and mobile, interaction, graphic design, artificial intelligence and machine learning, logos and branding, digital art, game art, photography, trends, career tips, etc. Issues of productivity, management, collaboration, education, digital and content marketing are also actual.

Sure, we are interested in original stuff that wasn’t published before.

Desired size: informative long-read, 1200-2000 words (we are open to discussing it)

Desired visual support: screenshots, illustrations, photos, links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo – stuff that illustrates and clarifies the text for readers

One article approved by the editor can contain one do-follow link (let us know which). All the other links you add will be revised and featured as no-follow or may be replaced with the ones we find more relevant.

The publication is free for valuable, meaningful, and actual content accepted and approved by the blog editor.

Also, we are open for advertising, sponsored guest posting, and product reviews with do-follow links; you can learn more in our Media Kit or contact us about that via ads@icons8.com

How to Contact

Email us the article or topics to discuss at blog@icons8.com. That’s it!

So, if you have something cool to share – don’t wait too long, join us.

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