Woolly illustrations: Fairy illustrations to enchant you and your users

Guess what? It looks cool, inspired by potatoes and made of wool. Meet our new illustrations pack, Woolly! Cozy potato-shaped characters are here for you, with all the tiny details and textures that look like they’re made of felt.

What’s inside:
– Ready scenes for typical UX scenarios (Sign in, Sign out, Error, etc.)
– Characters and elements that you can play around with to make a new picture

Small PNGs are free for a link, as usual. Paid versions include a high-res PNG and a PSD file, so if you’re familiar with masks in Photoshop or similar software, you can recolor the illustrations.

By the way, it’s already available in our Mega Creator with a few other new illustrations packs. Check it out, combine and mix them, create your own pictures and share what you’ve done!

Join us on or check Woolly illustrations on our website.


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