It’s been a long time since we last talked about our Mac App. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t working on it. Here comes a bunch of updates for you.

New Icon Styles


Round, highly stylized gradient icons:

nolan icon style


Tiny 16×16 icons that look great with any text:

icons for text


Decorative style with dots:

dottydots icons style


Purple borders with matching fills:

dusk icon style


  • A popular request: you can run Icons8 as a standard window application, not just menu app. A must for those of you who use two displays.
  • Icons8 can stay on top of other windows now. Optionally, it can become opaque. Try using various options in the preferences.
menu mac app


  • Fixed an annoying bug with drag-n-drop. Dragging works each time now.
  • Fixed some rare bugs that caused crashes.

Thanks for your crash reports! You’re our heroes.

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