It’s been a long time since we last talked about our Mac App. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t working on it. Here comes a bunch of updates for you.

New Icon Styles


Round, highly stylized gradient icons:

nolan icon style


Tiny 16×16 icons that look great with any text:

icons for text


Decorative style with dots:

dottydots icons style


Purple borders with matching fills:

dusk icon style


  • A popular request: you can run Icons8 as a standard window application, not just menu app. A must for those of you who use two displays.
  • Icons8 can stay on top of other windows now. Optionally, it can become opaque. Try using various options in the preferences.
menu mac app


  • Fixed an annoying bug with drag-n-drop. Dragging works each time now.
  • Fixed some rare bugs that caused crashes.

Thanks for your crash reports! You’re our heroes.

Try tools for creators by the Icons8 team:

Icons8 Icons8, a library of about 130K+ icons and clip art images
Offline app icons8 Offline app and plugins to drag’n’drop icons and clip art to any design tools
Moose Moose, the big collection of high-quality stock photos
illustrations Ouch! , a library of vector illustrations and collages
Photo Creator Photo Creator, free collage maker with AI technologies to make custom photos
Vector Creator Vector Creator, free collage maker to make custom illustrations for your designs
Fugue Fugue, royalty free music for videos of any kind
Lunacy Lunacy, free graphic design software with built-in design resources
Smart Upscaler Smart Upscaler, image upscaler to enlarge and enhance images using AI
Generated Photos Generated Photos, unique, worry-free model photos generated by AI
Also, get the lists of free vector software and free photo editing software.
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