Webicon allows to insert any icons into your HTML. It’s like inserting icons with an icon font, but newer, better, faster, and it’ll make your hair smell nice.

CSS Tricks published a great explanation of the advantages of  SVG sets. See, we’re not the only ones nuts for SVG!
That’s where Webicon comes in — it’s an open source library that allows embedding icons from any icon library. Sounds hard? It’s not:

Quick and lightweight

  • Fast embedding in less than a minute
  • Only  the icons you need are loaded
  • No uploading, re-generating, or any other overhead
  • Prevents your left socks from disappearing in your washing machine

Works with any icon and JS library

  • Any icon library, such as FontAwesome, Material Icons by Google, Bootstrap, and Icons8. All major libraries are hosted on a free CDN
  • Supports the syntax of AngularJS and jQuery


We’d take a bullet for SVG, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve whipped up some examples:

Demo for different sources and formats
Search icons of 30 popular icon packs

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