Web UI Inspiration: 20 Design Concepts with Cool Interface Illustrations

Interface illustrations are a booming design trend these days, getting a bright and diverse presentation on a variety of websites. More and more designers are turning to applying custom graphics to websites, landing pages and even emails. It’s not surprising as illustrations are an effective method of making a webpage original, stylish and appealing to the target audience. What’s more, perceived much quicker than copy, they have a positive impact on usability and support navigation.

Due to this trend, we observe a lot of interesting UI design concepts: they show the creative search for effective placement of illustrations in web layouts, a wide range of color palettes and visual metaphors, experimental approaches to the animation of interface graphics. Today, we have collected a set of inspiring examples featuring this design trend, starting with a title illustration to this post – cool graphics by Asana team.



Dmitrii Kharchenko

 Alice Lee

Walid Beno

Claudio Guglieri

Zak Steele-Eklund


Zak Steele-Eklund

Valeria Rimkevich


Radio Design



Igor Kozak


Leo Natsume

Andrew McKay

Saepul Rohman

Walid Beno

Vera Voishvilo


Title image credits: Anna Hurley for Asana

Check Ouch, the collection of free vector illustrations for UX

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