Tired of random design tool listicles? These tools are just enough to have in your modern web design stack.

Here, we reviewed the short but up-to-date list of ingenious and mostly free graphic design software tools that we are using ourselves or got as a recommendation from our fellow designers. Keep reading, or simply click on the section you are interested in:

Tools mentioned


Sources to bookmark when browsing for visuals:


100,000+ illustrations created by top Dribbble artists. 200+ art styles of consistent illustrations that you can recolor and edit online.

OUCH! main page preview


A library of 1,300,000+ consistent icons suitable for any design. Browse among UI interface icons and detailed decorative icon styles.

Stock House

Extension for Chrome that searches for you stock photos on multiple popular platforms like Pexels, Unsplash, etc. in one single click.

Stock House Chrome extension preview


Free online tool that generates absctract vector graphics: free-form geometric shapes, gradients, background patterns and even more. Export any result in *.svg and customise it any way you need.

Illustration Generator

AI-based tool that generates graphics. Type simple prompt or upload refence image, choose one of the professionally-drawn styles and get your infinite packs of consistent images.

Illustration Generator promo banner

Human generator

AI generator where you can create realistic humans for your designs. Settings are very detailed, so you don’t need to play with prompts, just set the gender, age, ethnicity, body type, appearance, and choose the pose from the gallery.


Online services that help you pick the right typeface for the project.


Aesthetically pleasing fonts platform to browse modern typefaces and pick the right font pairs.

Typoteque webpage preview


Minimalistic online font pairing tool that generates various random typeface matches for heading, subtitle and body text.

Fontjoy webpage preview

Fonts In Use

independent online font archive where you can find information about literally any typeface ever created and browse real cases of usage in website, posters, and cover designs.

Fonts In Use webpage preview

Marketing tools

Services that are handy when you need to create simple visuals for content marketing design.


Free online mockup creator with beautiful device templates and AI-based gradient background generation. Grag and drop your screenshot to the frame and get modern-looking design in few clicks.

Shots webpage preview

Screen studio

Probably the best software to record screencasts for MacOS. Has a lot of useful features like gradient backgrounds, soft coursor zoom, and automatic sutitles. Even if you have zero skiils in video editing, youк screencasts will end up as beautiful as possible.


Old but gold online design platform to create any kind of marketing visuals on the go. Choose from large template library and quickly customize the content for your needs. The range of graphics, typefaces anf preseted layouts is growing every day.

Canva website preview

Webpage builders

No-code tools that help you turn project into live webpages.


Website builder with Figma-look-alike intuitive interface. Here you can create a simple webpage in minutes or use pro settings and prototype complex sites with UI animations and special effects.


Not only another CMS but market standard full-scaled website building platform. Design anything you need and Webflow will generate the code for it by itself.

Webflow webpage preview


Resources to inspire you for the next great project.


Online website award where you can browse best nominees and catch up on the latest web design trends.

Awwwards webpage preview

Designer Daily Report

Chrome extension for designers to check what’s new happening in the design world. News, event, and, of course, curated collection of the best visuals to inspire.

Designer Daily Report promo banner


Without proper processes and systems, a web design project can end up going way over scope. Employ the use of these web page design tools to become a more efficient.

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