From time to time we stumble across a 404 page which can be very frustrating. In addition to an unsuccessful search result, we usually observe a very dull, boring page design that significantly exasperates our confusion. So, why not to opt for engaging, funny, creative 404 pages that can reduce our frustration and make us smile? Turns out, there are tons of brilliantly designed, creatively looking, and perfectly functioning 404 error page templates which can dress up any website.

How to Transform a Frustrative 404 Page into a Source of Inspiration

If you’re going to run a blog, e-store, web portfolio, or any website, you will exactly need a 404 page. However, it’s better to turn from traditional boring pages and opt for various extraordinary solutions. Use this page as a source of unique possibility to stand out on the web. It’s a great chance to show that even an immense source of frustration can be transformed into a source of positive emotions, humor, sticking in memory graphics, and many more. Custom and creative alert pages can become a discovery for your visitors by its very nature. In order to turn an unfortunate situation into a winning one, you can enhance your 404 pages with:

  • any type of hint on how to get the right place;
  • humor elements like funny gifs, images, etc.;
  • advanced user experience elements;
  • beautiful and attention-drawing design;
  • engaging animations/illustrations;
  • interactive components;
  • recognizable typography.

It goes without saying that funny 404 error pages are truly the most effective. But what does make them so funny? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable alert pages ever.

The Effective and Memorable Examples of 404 Pages

Page Not Found – Funny Illustration

404 page illustration

Try to avoid boring images, unemotional graphics, and uninspiring solutions while creating a specific alert page. Remember that a 404 page can be very confusing, so don’t worsen the situation. Such a creative, relaxing, and funny illustration “Page Not Found” will certainly shine up your page. It looks stylish yet adds some portion of humor to the alert page. It seems that a man from the illustration is puzzled what to do with such an unpleasant situation. However, his relaxed pose, bright-colored clothes, and comical face will lessen users’ frustration, no doubt.

TemplateMonster 404 Page – Monster’s Mistake

web design 404

This 404 page you can find on the TemplateMonster website. A big purple monster makes the page really engaging. The company apologizes in a funny sort of way for the inconvenience caused by one their monster. Moreover, the company has added a useful link that redirects users to valid web pages. Such an approach will certainly provide your users with positive emotions and gives a chance to get expected information.

NMFH – a Piece of Dark Humor

404 page design

Dark humor attracts tons of attention because people always appreciate quality examples of all humor sorts. Why not apply such a practice for a 404 error page like The National Museum of Funeral History has made. It looks creative, striking, and memorable because it brilliantly reflects the concept of the website. The phrase “The page you are looking for has vanished into the afterlife” sounds amazing and strict. So, if your business niche is compatible with a sort of dark humor, you can surely use it for a 404-page design.

Flywheel – Minimalistic Approach with Subtle Humor

web design examples

Flywheel’s website designers have decided not to overwhelm an alert page with intricate images and illustrations. They have found a more attractive solution – a clean, minimalistic illustration with pompous words: “Holey Moley. This really sucks.” Besides, all the small details and ‘O’ letter on the alert page are moving on the screen grabbing users’ attention. It looks minimalistic and conceptual.

Bermuda 404 – Contrast Vector Illustration

web design examples 404 pages

Do you like brightly-colored vector illustrations? This Bermuda-styled ‘Page Not Found’ illustration will help you make a 404 page more attractive. A relaxed man in Bermuda shorts seems to say: Hmm… which way to choose if there is nothing useful for me? With this illustration, you won’t have difficulty incorporating various links to redirect users to the needed pages on your website.

Bluegg – Another Piece of Dark Humor

web design typography

Bluegg 404 page is a mix of play of words, vivid typography, and dark humor. Web designers like using various death-related jokes when creating a ‘Page not Found’ design. The same approach can work for your website it doesn’t contradict the overall site concept. That’s for you to decide.

Colorlib 404 – Remarkable Emoji

web design illustration 404

Oops! Welcome to one more funny error page depicting a crying emoji instead of the trivial number ‘O’. This flat, straightforward design looks positive and fresh thanks to that funny element. Moreover, the page layout contains a call-to-action button. This is a smart solution to help your visitors find what they want without leaving your site.

Distilled – Comic British Error Page

funny 404 page design

British comic dialog in the manner of Sherlock’s conversation will be well-liked by many users. Distilled’s “Not Found Page” sounds enough funny to draw visitors’ attention to the conversation content. The accent of the dialog is made on the problem solving: the navigators landing on this page should contact the website owners and notify about the error.

Orangecoat – Interactive Charts

interactive 404 page

With Orangecoat’s 404 page, searchers will get plenty of excitement. The page is created in the form of a visually appealing chart that offers various solutions depending on the purpose of user’s search: go to the About us page, submit a search in the form above, or contact the website owners to fix the problem. The chart starts with a comic picture depicting a running man with kangaroo-bears on his legs makes the overall page funnier and more engaging.

404 – Transportation to Space

404 page ui design

With a 404 page, it’s possible to delegate users to space! Don’t be afraid to be imaginative while creating an error page. This dynamic, beautiful, and eye-pleasing solution for a 404 page will surely hit the taste of the public. It really entertains and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

404 Code and Space Once Again

illustration 404 web page

If you browse the internet more thoroughly, you will definitely notice an interesting trend. There are tons of space-related 404 pages throughout the web. Space is something inaccessible and far away, and when you land on the page which doesn’t exist, it really resembles unknown space. This vector illustration for ‘Page not Found’ design will come in handy those who want to add a space topic to their alert page as well. It is bright, easy-to-understand, and entertaining.

Jess and Marks’ 404 Page – Simplicity Rules

web page design

This error page can be met by users on the wedding photographers website. It looks simple, stylish, and informative. Distinctive lettering and attractive grey-colored background notify that you’ve landed on the wrong page but you have a great chance to go back to the menu or blog page. The page was made in accordance with the general wedding site principles.

Mashable – Funny and Creatively

web page 404 design

It’s one of the simplest yet most entertaining 404 pages I’ve ever seen before. A full-screen image depicting a knitted sock with a hole and a toe looking out of the hole impresses deeply. Besides, the right sidebar contains a search box allowing a user to find the needed information throughout the website. The phrase about ‘good and bad news’ is a traditional yet effective approach that attracts people’s attention and makes them smile. It works!

Pixar – Super Clever 404 Page

creative 404 pages

Pixar’s 404 page ties perfectly into the service. It features real Sadness with the help of an incredibly popular hero from Pixar’s computer-animated film Inside Out. It looks simple yet smart. Sadness perfectly represents users’ reaction to landing on a 404 page.

Playing with Shapes

creative web design 404

If you don’t know how to create a really engaging 404 page, try to use shapes. They will work 100%, especially if you need it for a webshop. You can use your products or other images for making an eye-catching shape to place on your error page. Take a closer look like designers used this approach. As for me, it looks inspiring and outstanding.

Airbnb – Smart Solution with an Animated Girl

404 illustration web design

When you land on Airbnb’s 404 page, you will definitely feel bad for an animated girl. She looks so upset because of dropping ice-cream, so you will forget about your own frustration. However, Airbnb offers a list of helpful links allowing you to reach appropriate info: Home, Search, Help, Sitemap, etc.

The Useless Web Index – Meerkats Will Help to Find

web design 404 page

This page is able to boost spirits, just have a look at these amazing meerkats. They stopped short in search of your right page. They look so concentrated that you can rely on their success. The error page makes users smile, it’s really worth your attention!

One More Vector Illustration for 404 code

vector illustration 404

If you don’t prefer a simple solution for plain things like a ‘page not found’ design, try this vector solution. It looks unusual and grabs visitors’ attention. It can decorate a boring, confusing 404 page. You won’t have difficulty adding helpful links or search box to the page featuring such an illustration. Everything will look harmonic and balanced, just try to make a page more visually appealing.

A Ridiculously Simple Solution

website design 404 page

Keep your 404 pages concise if you don’t know how to design it. Simplicity rules the world, remember this fact and you’ll succeed. People will appreciate your approach because such a page won’t take a lot their time. It gets to the point without wasting time. No necessary info, no need to stay there…

Grumpy Cat

creative 404 pages design

A 404 page with a grumpy cat is a win-win solution. Have a look at this annoyed face. It 100% reflects your mood while landing on the page which doesn’t exist. However, this cat transforms your failure into his own. At any rate, this illustrative error page is intended to catch visitors’ attention at once.

Bottom Line

This awesome collection of 404-page variants proves that even a boring page can make a smile. Try to find your way to grab users’ attention and direct them to the right side. Humor and illustrations work 100%, so take this fact into account while creating your own layout for an error page. You can implement some of these ideas, or design your own one. Make your UX less frustrating, and visitors won’t want to abandon your website.

About the author: this is the guest post by the team of Template Monster

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