Due to the rapid rising, today, more and more online platforms start focusing on various methods on how to make a perfect first impression to new visitors to turn them into loyal ones. Talking about the e-Learning platforms, the critical tasks of which are to present the content and get learners interested in different studies, they try to improve the user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) to attract more new visitors and improve the overall website performance.

This article will analyze the importance of UX design in e-learning platforms, learn the latest trends in this industry, and get some great ideas on how to improve the UX of your website. So, let’s get it started!

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The Importance of UX Design for Education

In fact, the e-learning platform design is one of the most important aspects you have to keep in mind while boosting its performance. It dramatically impacts the UX – the overall users’ impression based on personal experience and website usability. By improving it, you can easily prove your service as a trustworthy website with relevant content and encourage your visitors to come back later.

However, if the platform UI is far from the ideal one, it is less likely to get a loyal audience due to the inconveniences users faced while browsing the e-learning website. Furthermore, a bad UX design means that your platform has bad content and is useless as well. That is why it is crucial to make sure you have fixed all the UI issues that can probably make learners give up on using your service. Getting positive feedback from your visitors can significantly improve the e-learning service metrics, boost the total revenue, and take your platform onto the next level of development.

Main Trends for the UX of E-Learning Platforms

There are different ways to improve the UX metrics of the various platforms appearing day by day. Still, we will focus on the three main themes: design simplicity, device-adapting, and content presentation, as they have a significant impact on the visual appeal of any website.

Create a Simple Design

Needless to say, before starting to learn the content of any website, visitors are peering the general website design, find out the navigation buttons and look for useful sections that can assist them in getting the exact information they want. However, if your platform navigation is too complicated for understanding so that every time a user needs to stop and think about making a particular action, your interface design must be changed as all these issues can make learners switch to using your competitors’ services.

Additionally, the main focus of any e-learning platform is to teach, so try using minimalist design with some light and calm colors, simple fonts, and informative graphs so as not to present your website as annoying, outdated, and completely unreliable for learners. Also, make sure the navigation buttons can be easily found at a certain place (usually, on the top or left side of your page).

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Boost the Device Adapting

In modern times, people can browse the Internet anytime and anywhere using different kinds of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. A study by StuDocu even shows 75% of US schools in 2021 planned to operate online. That is why it is crucial to provide unrestricted access to your e-learning platform from any device. By adapting your platform to the different devices, you can significantly enlarge your target audience and increase your website’s organic traffic. Besides, such a useful feature can certainly help you stay on the top among the same industry’s competitors.

Include Multiple Sections

Last but not least, the trend is to make sure your content is not too large and designed to be consumed in one sitting. The infinite scrolling feature is not the one you should use while improving the UX design, as it can easily make consumers give up on learning instead of getting them interested in some other content published on the e-learning website.

To avoid this, it is a great option to use the professional essay writing service to optimize your content for the learners. And, if there is a large amount of content, we recommend you break it up into sections so visitors can make a pause and come back later without infinite scrolling to find the last paragraph they have read on a webpage. Thus, you will not only make the data less complicated for reading but also greatly facilitate the learning process and increase the platform performance.

Tips for Boosting the UX

Plan Your UX

Along with following the trends, it is essential to make a step-by-step plan for any changes you are going to apply for your website development. But, we recommend taking some time so as to consciously think over the ways of improving and the time needed for their application. That will allow you to easily track the efficiency of all the methods used and exclude those, which haven’t brought any benefit at all.

Besides, a clear plan of your design enhancement can also include various sketches, graphs, ideas based on your competitors’ analysis, etc. Before starting planning, the main thing you need to know is to realize the real need of your consumers and think over the ways of its serving.

Improve the Navigation Consistency

A significant step towards boosting your website efficiency is to find a comfortable location for your navigation buttons, which may considerably improve the e-learning platform’s usability. Remember that navigation should be designed in a way it complements what the user is trying to achieve while using your platform. In such a way, you will avoid new users asking simple questions about how to move through the pages and where to find the additional information at a certain topic, and correspondingly make the main focus to the content studying instead of learning how to work with your platform.

Mind the Support Service

If learners face some difficulties or issues that can’t be resolved on their own, they try to find someone to assist with their solving. For this purpose, it is significantly important to provide all the possible support and assistance to your visitors to prove your learning platform as professional and trustworthy.

Additionally, the support team can make a detailed report about any issues that are to be fixed at first come and provide you with the crucial insights of which points should be improved to boost the platform UX metrics.

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Final Word

As you can see, the UX design is a crucial point for your e-learning platform optimization, which provides a variety of benefits for successful website development. The main UX trends of the last few years can significantly influence the platform traffic, drive more new visitors to use it for educational purposes, and make it more competitive to the other websites of this industry. With these tips in mind, you can apply the efficient changes to boost your e-learning platform’s user experience.

Are you still in doubt? Go and check yourself then!

About the Author: Kevin White is a freelance writer passionate about new web technologies, web designs, and marketing strategies. He is always looking for new ways for personal and professional growth and is convinced that it is always important to stay on trend and keep up with the latest.

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