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Updated Smart Upscaler: next step in face enhancement

Three months ago, we launched the new Smart Upscaler with the unique face processing feature. Now, we’ve made it even better.

In the latest release, we’ve updated the face enhancement model and eliminated some flaws that popped up previously. Now it works like a charm:

  • No more painting-like effect. Enlarged faces no longer look like an Instagram filter. Only natural colors.
  • No more zombie effects. Sometimes the eyes of people in enlarged photos used to get red. Also, we fixed occasional deadly skin tones.
  • Better skin details and other minor improvements.

The new version is already available on our website, and you can test it.

For those of you who like comparisons, here are the pictures showing the difference between the two latest versions of the Smart Upscaler.

You can use Smart Upscaler to:

  • Enlarge photos of people
  • Restore old photos
  • Enlarge and enhance product images
  • Enlarge and enhance illustrations
  • Enhance document photos

If you’ve got lots of photos that need enhancement, you can drop all the images onto the app screen at once and get them back improved in a few minutes.

With Smart Upscaler, you can enlarge photos up to 64 megapixels without losing quality until they reach 8000px on either of the sides. This resolution is good enough for both UHD display screens and excellent quality printouts.

Other tools to help you enhance your photos:

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