As the demand for 3D characters and avatars keeps growing, solutions for character development become more advanced. You can now create a unique 3D character in seconds and then fully customize it or generate hundreds of secondary characters within hours. In this guide, we will demonstrate how you can do that using Generated Photos and Character Creator.

Generated Photos is collaborating with Reallusion, a developer of software for 3D character creation. Their combined solution allows users to create strikingly realistic 3D models for games, amination, AR/VR, visualizations, the metaverse, and more. It is now AI creating AI.

Creating a character in 7 steps

In this example, we will create a detailed 3D character in 7 steps. Our toolset includes Generated Photos and Character Creator – Reallusion’s all-in-one software for character development and animation.

Step 1: Select a face from Generated Photos. You can search by such parameters as age, gender, ethnicity, hair length and color, or apply a combination of filters to find the right demographic.

If you are looking for specific features, you can find AI look-alikes with Anonymizer tool. Another option is to generate a unique face by your parameters with Face Generator.

generated photos 3d characters

Step 2: Transform your selected photo into a 3D head in Character Creator. With the Headshot plugin it takes only seconds.

generated photos 3d characters

Step 3: Morph the character’s head to create highly detailed facial features. The Headshot plugin allows to alter and refine the character’s head shape. At this stage, you can also create a matching body for your character.

generated photos 3d characters generated photos 3d characters

Step 4: Add realistic skin effects, such as texture, facial hair, blemishes, wrinkles, and makeup, using the SkinGen plugin for Character Creator.

generated photos 3d characters

Step 5: Dress up your character. Choose from a massive library of hair, clothes, and accessories.

generated photos 3d characters

Step 6: Create vivid facial expressions and pose your character. You can adjust facial muscles, expressions, and morphs to complete your character.

generated photos 3d characters

Stem 7: And, finally, animate your 3D character. Characters generated in Character Creator are fully rigged for animation and motion capture. You can transfer your characters directly to iClone, Reallusion’s software for real-time 3D animation.

generated photos 3d characters

For a more detailed walkthrough, please follow these guidelines by Reallusion.

Scale up and generate 3D crowds in no time

Besides the creation of unique and highly-developed lead characters, Generated Photos and Reallusion provide an easy solution for character production at scale.

The developers of YouXia, a 3D game set up in a dark future where people are crowded into shantytowns and overpopulated megalopolis, used Generated Photos and Character Creator to generate large mobs and non-player characters. It allowed them to generate up to 100 quality characters in a day. (And this is not a limit: it is possible to generate even a thousand characters in a single day!)

Stephane Biesse, the CEO of Aardwolf Interactive that developed YouXia, notes:

“It is truly remarkable how Character Creator and Generated Photos are shaping the future of game development with artificial intelligence, by providing a way for indie game studios and solo developers to aim higher than their initial budget, while producing visually stunning games.”


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