Mother’s Day is coming right up! So we’ve put together a collection of clipart to show our love to all the moms:

  • Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Photos

Want to show appreciation to all the mothers worldwide in your social media, blog, or newsletter? Or create something special for your own mom? Go, explore!



Use ready-made free illustrations from Ouch! Illustration library or create your own Mother’s Day clipart in Vector Creator.

Clip style

Taxi style

Urban style

Pablita style

Marginalia style


Get creative and use our Photo Creator to create Mother’s Day clipart like these:

collage in the foreground, mom raises her hand, in the background, a child looks in surprise

Don’t mess with supermom!

collage kids doing homework and laughing, mom is standing nearby and smiling

Time to bake some cookies for the kids

For your mom, it’s free. For any other cases, put a link or buy an Icons8 license.

Enjoy them and have a happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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Check out a tutorial on how to create a gift card in Lunacy. All of our icons, illustrations, and photos are there for you to create a happy Mother’s Day clipart.

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