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Figma plugins to optimize your design workflow

Discover top Figma plugins to streamline your workflow, enhance visuals, and add creative flair to your designs—all in one place!…

2 months ago

Figma: design without breaking the bank. Tips to avoid costly mistakes

Unraveling Figma’s pricing structure: tips to avoid hefty bills and save money. (more…)

2 months ago

New Pichon: easier, better, faster

Easier downloading, the grid scale control, and other UX improvements. This update will make your workflow in Pichon more comfortable…

1 year ago

Curated graphics, image organizer, and AI tools in a single app

Store, organize, and manage your photos, screenshots, and reference images right next to Icons8 graphics.

2 years ago

Top 8 UI prototyping tools to try in 2023

Discover the list of the UI prototyping tools available on the market. Find out their features and cons, and make…

2 years ago

Lunacy 7: welcome Lunacy Cloud and collaboration

Lunacy steps up to a new level. For this version, we focused on real-time collaboration and Lunacy Cloud. And it’s…

3 years ago

Tech Toolbox: 50+ Web Tools and Services To Solve Various Problems

Let us give you a glance at another comprehensive showcase of effective web tools and services for various goals.

3 years ago

Comment Tool In Lunacy Design Software

Use the Comment tool to keep your to-do lists and notes and discuss your work with your teammates and customers.…

3 years ago

Cutting Out Rasters In Lunacy Design Software

Did you ever need to cut out a specific part of an image? Now you can do it directly in…

3 years ago

AI-Generated Photos To Use as Avatars in Lunacy

Now Lunacy users can use AI-generated images for avatars in their prototypes of user interfaces. Combined with Lunacy’s text snippets,…

4 years ago

Prototype Previewer in Lunacy Design Software

You asked and we did it. We’ve added our own prototyping previewer to Lunacy, the free graphic software.

4 years ago

Lunacy 6: Free Sketch Alternative for Windows with Design Assets Built-In

Lunacy 6 adds useful improvements and more assets to the leading Sketch alternative for Windows. Best of all it is…

4 years ago

Best Free Drawing Software: 8 Strong Candidates

Paid tools for digital painting have set the industry standard for what is possible with these programs, right? Not necessary.…

4 years ago

30+ handy tools and services for modern entrepreneurs

Review a bunch of handy online tools and web services that daily help businesses cover multiple tasks.

4 years ago

Try Magnets in Lunacy

Try Magnets, a brand-new way to align text in Lunacy, and check the other updates in the free graphic design…

4 years ago

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