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Turn any photo into professional headshot with AI in a click

Ever needed a professional headshot, fast? Meet Human Generator, the game-changer in quick, quality portraits. (more…)

6 months ago

2023, how was it? Icons8 recap of the year

Tons of new graphics, 5 whole new products, a lot of proudly made features, and some fun facts about us…

6 months ago

Merry Christmas! Designer’s magic box with holiday graphics

Fancy, elegant, cute, and vintage: we've collected all kinds of icons, vector illustrations, and ready-made templates for your holiday designs.

7 months ago

How to design a Christmas Instagram story

Let’s design Christmas and New Year visuals for Instagram stories. We’ll use Lunacy.

7 months ago

Aesthetic Instagram Highlights covers to boost your followers

Make your Instagram profile pop! Get savvy with Icons8 for dazzling Highlights covers that draw followers. (more…)

8 months ago

Elevate your LinkedIn profile: proven strategies for success in 2024

Unlock LinkedIn success in 2024! Master your profile with expert tips on photos, effective content, networking strategies, and more. Elevate…

9 months ago

Gain Instagram followers with a standout profile pic

Hey there, Insta crowd! Want more followers? It starts with your profile pic. Here’s how to make yours a magnet…

1 year ago

YouTube thumbnail mastery: design tips for stopping the scroll

Unlock the secrets to captivating YouTube thumbnails: learn sizes, design tips, and tools for stopping the scroll and boosting views.…

1 year ago

How to design engaging posts on social media

Sometimes there is no time to wait for a professional designer to make social media post image. Here is a…

1 year ago

The art of the Instagram bio: designer edition

Revamp your Instagram presence! Our guide offers pro tips to craft bios that resonate with your creativity and professionalism. Make…

1 year ago

What makes a good social media profile in 2024?

Transform your social media profile into a branding powerhouse with our expert tips on visuals, engagement, and strategy. Stand out…

2 years ago

How to design Instagram Highlight icons in 2023

Learn how to elevate your Insta profile by customizing highlight icons. (more…)

2 years ago

Acing Instagram avatar size: a guide to a picture-perfect profile in 2023

We've put together this guide to Instagram avatar size and picture dimensions, so your profile pic, photos, and Stories are…

2 years ago

Pinterest Panned? Discerning Designers Desire Dribbble

This article will set you on the right track to becoming a top-tier design influencer.

3 years ago

How Music Influences Perception of Your YouTube Video

Right rhythm accents and energetic melody in combination with a nice video create a strong mix of emotions. Learn how…

3 years ago

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