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New look: fresh UI for Icons8 main page

Our website has a new design! See how we changed it to look even more modern and functional.

7 months ago

Design harmony: balancing aesthetics and usability for digital success

The article explores ways to find the balance between aesthetics & usability with examples of successful digital products.

9 months ago

Behind the scenes of Human Generator: UI tricks

Here’s how the user experience of the product was optimized to eliminate unnecessary load on the generative model.

10 months ago

Clear, intuitive, convenient: big UI update in the Icons library

The new interface takes visual clarity to another level. Icon search is now faster than ever before.

10 months ago

The UX dilemma: hotkeys vs context menus

Are you team shortcut or team right mouse click? In UX, you have to be on both teams at once…

10 months ago

90% of the screen space is now for your design in Lunacy

Meet the new UI with floating panels, on-canvas controls for auto layouts, refreshed text editing, and even more.

11 months ago

Lunacy as a business explained

Open-process instead of open-source; lean architecture, no exit strategy, and other points for why we will never be sold to…

1 year ago

Figma Import in Lunacy

Lunacy can now convert Figma files to .sketch. Faster than any other known converter. The most awaited update of the…

2 years ago

100,000 humans that don’t exist

Generated Photos are giving away a set of 100K full-bodied photos of people generated completely by AI. Worry-free model photos…

2 years ago

Building image search for an icon stock: how it works

What's under hood of our search by image technology? Not only machine learning.

2 years ago

Training AI to know what you actually need to clip

Easy, hard, and impossible: how we develop Background Remover, and what's the most challenging? (Spoilers: it's not about drawing around…

2 years ago

UX stories: turning limitations into features

Finding the right balance between user experience and limitations is one of the most exciting parts of our job.

2 years ago

Product design and information security

Have you ever thought that the information security of a product starts at the design stage? To many designers, this…

2 years ago

Big Sur Icons: The Most Controversial Icon Pack Released So Far?

In November 2020, Apple released its newest operating system, Big Sur. The new system sparked many debates concerning the major…

3 years ago

What Is Print On Demand?

Print-on-demand is the process of creating and printing personalized designs of a product and then selling it under a brand…

4 years ago

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