icons8 figma plugin

Pandora’s box of design: remaking a plugin icon with Midjourney, Blender, and Figma

This is how we turned AI-generated abstract pencil holders and magic cubes into an icon design that makes sense.

12 months ago

Figma Community Awards 2022. Show your love!

Figma has announced the first-ever Figma Community Awards to celebrate plugins, widgets, and files that make the community happy. (more…)

2 years ago

Figma and FigJam plugin by Icons8

Get the largest sets of free, high-quality, and consistent graphics in one click: icons, photos, and illustrations. Right in Figma.…

2 years ago

Icons8 Plugin for Figma: Get 120,000 Icons for Your UI Designs

To shortcut the way to a diversity of icons for web and app designers, Icons8 releases the plugin for Figma,…

4 years ago

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