Retro fonts: history, examples, and modern interpretation pt. 2

Nostalgic typefaces are trendy and more varied than ever. Discover the story behind vintage typography from the 60s to the…

2 weeks ago

Retro fonts: history, examples, and modern interpretation pt. 1

Curious about the diverse world of nostalgic fonts? Keep reading to explore typography from the early to mid-XX century.

2 weeks ago

Icons that are perfectly shaped for any design

Each design has its own scale. It applies to elements size and like thickness. Now, we have icons that can…

3 months ago

Perfect Christmas gifts for designers of 2023

Find the perfect gift for graphic designers! Explore everything from ergonomic tools to creative resources, in our holiday guide. (more…)

7 months ago

Top hot trends in web design 2023 to make eye-appealing UIs

Each year brings new tendencies for web design. Below, let’s see what solutions come as a “stream of fresh air”…

8 months ago

A few things you should know about typography

What is the difference between typography and typeface, what are the attributes of a font, and how great should a…

9 months ago

30 online tools for non-designers to create pro-looking content in 2024

You can make visuals yourself without spending hours waiting for a designer to help. (more…)

9 months ago

FAQ page makeover: integrating graphics for a captivating design

Revamp your FAQ page with graphics! Discover how to blend visuals with info for a memorable, user-friendly experience. Make FAQs…

11 months ago

Spatial UI: how to optimize apps for Apple Vision Pro

Ready to turn your app into a spatial experience with visionOS? Check out Apple’s official guidelines. (more…)

1 year ago

How to match fonts to your design: a comprehensive guide for designers

No one in their right mind would choose the same typeface for a children’s book and luxury watch. But sometimes…

1 year ago

Finding Logo Fonts That Fit Your Brand

Review the bunch of handy design tips and examples to help you choose the best logo fonts for your brand.

4 years ago

7 Website Font Trends for 2020 and a Free Tool to Identify Your Fonts

Let’s discuss 7 website fonts trends for 2020 and a way to identify your own fonts, using a simple and…

4 years ago

Typography Basics: Terminology, Examples, and Infographics

One of the core elements of effective design is typography. Our today's post shares insights in typography for beginners: here…

5 years ago

The Ultimate Guide to Kerning: How to Kern Font in Your Projects

Readability is one of the crucial factors of positive UX and fonts kerning plays a big role in this aspect…

6 years ago

20 Great Font Pairings for Badass Designers and Pigeons

Have fun and check 20 handy and effective font pairings to consider for your next web design project. Packed with…

6 years ago

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