Turn any photo into professional headshot with AI in a click

Ever needed a professional headshot, fast? Meet Human Generator, the game-changer in quick, quality portraits. (more…)

6 months ago

Working as a Freelancing Graphic Designer: Pros and Cons in 2021

Like any other job, graphic design has not only benefits but also pitfalls. Let's take a brief glance at them…

3 years ago

Handy Guide to Networking for UX Designers

If you want to develop your career in UX design and be the first to access exciting projects, creating your…

4 years ago

How to build an illustration portfolio that gets you hired

You’re likely a few WIPs and a couple of case studies away from landing a dream illustration gig. Dive in…

4 years ago

Top 9 Essential Soft Skills for UI/UX Designers

For good career, designers train hard skills but often forget about soft skills. Lets look at the primary soft skills…

4 years ago

Job Essentials: What New Software Developers Should Learn

Here's a brief review from experienced developers on what skills the beginners in the software development sphere should consider.

4 years ago

Handy Tips on Productivity in Terms of Remote Work

Many employees working remotely face a challenge of staying productive out of the office. Here are some tips on how…

4 years ago

How to Hire a Graphic Designer (When You Know Nothing About Design)

From the interview questions to evaluating one’s work, hiring designers without being a designer yourself can get intimidating. Here are…

4 years ago

What Is UX Design and What Do UX Designers Do?

To explain what UX design is we should first start with what is user experience, or UX? Most experiences can't…

5 years ago

Rendering the Future of UX Design Education

The article considers the impact designers have on the world, raises the actual questions and makes an attempt to imagine…

5 years ago

Design Career: Benefits and Pitfalls of Being a Freelance Designer

The article covers core benefits and pitfalls for the case if you have decided to be a freelance designer: check…

5 years ago

4 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd: How Designers Can Become Popular

How many designers are out there? More importantly, how many of them are standing out? This article contains a list…

5 years ago

How to Start a Photography Business with No Money or Experience

The article covers basic tips for those who want to transform their passion for photography into real profit: check what…

6 years ago

From Home to Office: Defying the Remote Work Trend

It seems like remote work is not a final destination. While it offers an array of benefits, each of those…

6 years ago

Design Business: How to Make Money on UI Kits

Today we talk to Dmitry Bunin, a UX designer and author of the Frames UI kit. He's shared his vision…

6 years ago

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