Learn how to optimize user experience through quality content. Explore the importance of good design, smooth running, and relevant brand messaging.

UX covers many elements of the website, such as its design, smoothness of running, loading time, etc. Most businesses focus on the technical part of the user experience, and not enough of them consider the content and how users see it.

However, content is a vital part of any website, which is why it should be a crucial point of improvement for user experience.

Have a great content-writing team

Good user experience is based on good content. It makes people feel good about your product and your entire company. Ensure the content is high quality and relevant to what you do. It has to be consistent with your brand’s message and value.

Your team of writers should be given the right tools and information to create valuable content for your readers. Look for good writers in your company first, and if you can’t find a suitable candidate, look for people in other places, like hiring platforms or their websites.

You can also outsource your work by hiring freelancers or an agency of writers to write your content.

Keep your messages clear and concise

Lengthy, complicated content is not the best way to achieve the ultimate user experience. When users come to a website, they expect information that they will understand, but that will not take up much of their time.

Your content should work for you, not against you. Using words that should come with a dictionary certainly does look good, but it only confuses the reader. Conversely, simplicity results in understanding, and your users will always come back to your website for information.

If all of your messages are concise and clear, the user experience will be much better.

Use content formatting and writing tools

Content formatting is critical to user experience. Think about the size and color of your font—fluorescent colors will not do, but neutral colors that are not hard to look at and appropriate font sizes are much better. Essential elements should be highlighted in bold or italics. This will draw the reader’s attention to what you want them to see.

Plenty of online tools help with formatting and offer advice on writing, editing, and proofreading.

  • Studydemic offers formatting guides and tips on which parts to highlight, how to best implement bullet points and lists, etc.
  • Essayroo is an online formatting tool recommended by Best Australian Writers. It offers excellent formatting that will improve the user experience.
  • Writing Populist and Academ Advisor mostly edit general content and provide writing guides that can help you while writing and self-editing.
  • Write My Essay offers a good plagiarism tool that will assist you whether you are working with a writing team in your company or outsourcing your content writing.
  • Ukwritings offers content editing and proofreading. This excellent tool will fix your mistakes for you for a small fee.
  • CopyAI has a paragraph rewriter tool powered by artificial intelligence, so you can create engaging, plagiarism-free, unique content with just a click of a button.
  •  Paraphrasing tool is an AI-based tool that uses AI algorithms to paraphrase content without changing its intended intent. It provides a helping hand to content writers, marketers, professionals, students, and general users who want to write plagiarism-free content.

Websites often make the mistake of not providing their users with relevant content at the end of the article. The reader might want to move on from that information to get more on the same or similar topic, and if it takes them too much time to find it, they will give up.

The best approach is to leave links to your other content related to the one they just read. Your audience will be much happier with all of the information that they need available to them — and only a click away.

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Get to know your users

Do thorough research on whom you are writing content for before you do anything else. Get to know those people, why they are visiting your website, and what they are looking for.

“Creating a buyer or user personas can help make your website more effective. With simple details about your users, you can’t provide them with what they need. That is why you need to get to know their desires and needs in the first place. Customer experience will rely mostly on this”, – explains Edith Davenport, a UX Designer at Assignment help and SimpleGrad editor.

Provide users with surveys that they can take to give you more information on their opinions, wishes, general information, etc.

Content creation will be much easier after you’ve figured out whom you are creating it for.

User persona card by Square
User persona card by Square

Use of funnel analysis to create what people need

Funnel analysis is a great tool in your arsenal. Use Google Analytics to find out what it is that your customers are most confused about and what causes them to leave. After you analyze that, you can easily find out if there is an information gap and provide related content.

Create a compelling voice

Having a voice when talking to your audience through your content is extremely important. People like reading content with some character that makes them feel like they are talking to a real person, not just a brand.

Your brand’s voice can translate from advertisements, commercials, social media posts, etc., to your content. People will love seeing authenticity in your work and recognize you easily.

Voice of your content is important because, without it, your content will likely end up piled up under a lot of distractions and other, better content. Take notes of all your mistakes and things that you could do better and fix them in a timely manner.

User experience will be much better if your audience is entertained with what they are reading.

Tiny animations explain Human Generator features on the main page.


Even though the content is the last thing on your mind when trying to enhance the user experience, it is just as, if not more important than, the website design and its features. Readers have their own preferences when it comes to viewing and reading this content. Make sure that you thoroughly analyze and research your market first and then create and present the content according to that. This is the best way to provide value to your audience.

About the author

This is Freddie Tubbs’s guest post. He is a content manager at Bigassignments who enjoys participating in UX conferences and contributing his guides and tricks to Oxessays and Australian help blogs.

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