Finding the right royalty-free music for a video can be challenging. And buying a proper license can be tricky. That’s why the new Fugue comes with 5X more curated tracks and simple pricing. So you can get more music on a budget.

Welcome Fugue 3.0, a huge collection of music for your videos, ads, computer games, and other stuff. We’ve added over 3,000 new tracks and redesigned the interface following user feedback.

Key highlights

  • Powerful search options: by keywords, categories, genres, instruments, BPM, duration, and tags
  • Suggestions of similar tracks
  • Hand-picked playlists of the week
  • Favorites: tracks, artists, and playlists
  • MP3 320 kbps or WAV 44 kHz

What makes Fugue different from other music stocks? Two things:

  • Quality over quantity. Our sound producers rigorously screen all tracks and publish the best. You won’t find most of them on other stocks. No overused themes, just fresh sound.
  • Simple pricing. Other stocks want to make the most of you by linking prices to multiple parameters. We keep our pricing straightforward not to rack your brains.

If you need music for cases like studio film production or public performance, drop us a message.

Here are some of the categories you can discover in Fugue: Action, Adventure, Background, Games, Comedy, Vlog, Travel, Sport.

Join us on or check Fugue on our website. Use with the subscription or pay as you go.

Much, much more selective than other marketplaces. Much, much cheaper than Hans Zimmer.

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