Love Is All You Need. 40 Romantic Digital Illustrations by Pascal Campion

This day is just cut out for all the romance and tenderness in the world. So, to celebrate the power of love on Valentine’s Day, we’ve collected another inspiring set of digital illustrations sharing ins and outs of this theme. This time they are all by famous artist Pascal Campion known for numerous illustrations full of light, love and positive vibes. And all that comes from the incredible creative diligence: once he started the projects Sketch of the Day that resulted in over 30000 sketches and a growing army of admirers around the world. His current list of clients includes Dreamworks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Disney Feature, Disney Toons, Bent Image Labs, Cartoon Network, Hulu, They Might Be Giants, Insignia Worldwide, BRC Animation Arts and PBS.  He is represented by Shannon Associates in the field of publishing. And recently Pascal Campion’s illustrations were featured on New Yorker covers. So, let’s enjoy this bunch of digital artworks that are elegant and atmospheric, tender and funny.

Check more artworks by Pascal Campion on DeviantArt.

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