How to remove background from image on Mac

If you work on Mac, you might need to remove background from a picture there. It could be for making fancy graphics, engaging social media posts, or clear product photos.

In this post, we’ll cover how to remove the background from a picture on Mac using:

  • Quick actions
  • Preview
  • Icons8 Background Remover—a more advanced option

How to remove the background of a picture via Quick Actions (only for macOS Ventura) 

  1. Go to the Finder, and right-click on your image.
  2. Select Quick Actions and click Remove Background.
  3. Your cutout will be saved as a new PNG file in Finder.

How to remove background from image in Preview (macOS Monterey and earlier) 

  1. Open the image in Preview.
  2. Click on the Markup Toolbar in the top right-hand corner of the window.
  3. Select the Instant Alpha tool, and drag over the background area you wish to remove. It’ll be highlighted with a transparent overlay.
  4. Click Delete on your keyboard to remove it.
  5. Click File, and then click Save to save your cutout.

How to remove background from a photo in Icons8 Background Remover

While Mac can handle basic background removal, it struggles with complex images. For pro-looking results, try Icons8 Background Remover. It’s an online tool designed to automatically remove image backgrounds. A few clicks and it’s done.

  1. Go to the Icons8 Background Remover and upload an image you want to edit.
  2. The tool will automatically remove its background.
  3. Download your image.

Alright, which option should you go for: Mac or Icons8? If you need quick edits for personal use, go with Quick Actions or Preview on Mac. For top-notch outputs, Icons8 Background Remover would be a better choice.

Give your photos a makeover with a bunch of Icons8’s apps for iPhone, and Mac:

  • Face Swapper app for IOS – swap faces in a few taps with the help of AI.
  • GoProd app for Mac – two-in-one background remover and image upscaler.
  • Pichon app for Mac – a huge library of curated Icons8 graphics.

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