To be a good UX designer, you need to know people. Understanding what factors influence their mood and choices, how copy, colors, and shapes change their feelings, why some operations are done intuitively because of habits, aka knowing the psychology of user behavior, we can create user-friendly products. In this post, we are diving into the topic with Michael Janga, who has been into UX design for over 20 years. Below, you’ll find the video lessons from his course on UX Design.

Psychology of User Behavior

In lesson 1, Michael introduces user patterns and habits, gives examples and describes their impact on user choices and interactions with a digital product.


Lesson 2 gives insights into sequential storytelling and non-linear narratives. Stories are not only about books or films but also about positive user experience. So, here Michael tells how designers can create them and shows practical cases.

Lesson 3 is devoted to the phenomenon of a target audience, the process of user persona development and its role in building intuitive user experience.

If you don’t have enough time to watch all the video lessons right now, don’t forget to bookmark the page not to lose it later

Want to Learn More? Check the Course

The lessons above are a part of the course UX Design with Michael Janda that is a series of video lectures made in collaboration with producers and methodologists from Skillbox.

The course covers the following global levels:

  • Negotiating and Creating a Project Concept
  • Practical Skills in Designing Positive User Experience
  • Designing Interfaces
  • Testing and Author Supervision
  • Presenting Project Solutions to Clients

After completing the course and passing the exam, you receive the certificate of a UX Designer.

Also, welcome to review the list of books useful for designers, check how UX design builds trust and loyalty for a website and read about the actual trends for mobile user experience design.


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