Sometimes, switching things up is nice, and refreshing your phone’s wallpaper is a great way to do so. With Illustration Generator, you can design unique wallpapers that reflect your style.

What to expect

Flower wallpaper

I started with the “lavender field” prompt for the first wallpaper. I tried the neon style first.

flower wallpaper generations

I changed the prompt to “lavender field on a sunset,” which perfectly fits the moody aesthetic.

floral wallpaper options

Here are other floral wallpapers that I created with Illustration Generator. The prompt for the first is “intricate floral design on a tapestry.” It’s so unique and reminds me of medieval art. I got into the flow and played with 3D styles. With a simple “flowers in a vase” prompt, I got this 3D scene.

Spring wallpapers

I want the spring wallpapers to be more colorful. I started with the basic “spring” prompt and neon style.

wallpaper generator canvas

I love the colors here. So, I gave it another try with the “Generate more drafts” button.

And just look at these butterflies. I’m in love.

wallpaper generator results

For the first spring wallpaper, I used the prompt “hummingbirds and flowers in spring.” The delicate style captures a peaceful spring scene with soft colors and gentle lines. It feels so serene.

Next, I was inspired by a new K-drama. The prompt just magically appeared on a screen: “couple under cherry blossoms.” The 3D style brought this scene to life, adding charm. The pastel colors and soft edges create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for spring.

Nature wallpapers

For the nature wallpapers, I decided to try some 3D styles. Here’s what I got in one of them.

wallpaper generator canvas

The lush greenery and flowing water create such a refreshing and calming scene. It feels like being in a hidden paradise. Perfect nature wallpaper for my phone screen.

wallpaper generator canvas

I explored a “mountain lake at sunset” prompt with a vibrant, neon-inspired style. The colorful reflections in the water and the glowing mountains create a dreamy, almost surreal landscape.

Next, I tried a “mountains under the night sky” prompt with a minimalist style. The simplicity of the design really highlights the majestic beauty of the mountains against the starry sky.

Cat wallpapers

Generating cute kitties for my phone? I was so ready for this. The first prompt was “fluffy kitten napping.” The background was just plain.

wallpaper generator

So, I tweaked the prompt a bit: “Fluffy kitten napping on a window.” The second one is not napping, but OMG, how cute it is.

cute wallpapers

I couldn’t resist generating some more cat-themed wallpapers. I started with a “kitten playing with butterflies” prompt and chose a soft, dreamy style. The playful kitten and delicate butterflies create such a cute and whimsical scene. It’s absolutely heartwarming.

Next, I tried a “cat baking in the kitchen” prompt with a 3D style. The adorable cat holding dough balls is just too charming.

Dog wallpapers

Let’s continue rising cuteness levels with dog wallpapers. My first try was with a 3D style and a simple prompt.

dog wallpapers

With the change of a prompt to “puppy,” I got these adorable doggies.

wallpaper generator

I tried a “dog baking in the kitchen” prompt with a 3D style. This adorable dog chef, happily mixing dough, is so funny and cute.

Then I went with a “husky under the northern lights” prompt and chose a serene, night-time style. The husky looks majestic against the glowing northern lights.

Car wallpapers

Hey there, car lovers! I see you. Here’s the first try for the prompt “car”.

car wallpapers

Next, I tried a “vintage car” prompt with a neon, 80s-inspired style. The glowing pinks and purples create a nostalgic and lively scene that takes you back in time.

wallpaper generator

The bright blue convertible driving along the beach road is so cheerful and gives off a fun, retro vibe.

Finally, I also went for a “vintage car in an autumn forest” prompt in a 3D style. The warm, golden hues of the autumn leaves surrounding the classic car create a cozy and picturesque setting.

Pattern wallpapers

My first attempt was with a “pattern of hexagons” prompt. I tried a few different styles to see what worked best.

wallpaper generator canvas

I moved on to a “plaid pattern” prompt. This time, I used the Haze style to add a soft, classic look to the designs.

wallpaper generator canvas

Next, I tried a “wavy lines pattern” prompt with vibrant colors. The flowing blue and pink waves bring energy and a fun, playful vibe.

Seems like leopard print is here to stay for a while. So, I went for a “leopard print pattern” prompt with a modern twist. The bold pink and purple spots against a peach background make for a striking and trendy design.

3D wallpapers

I decided to try out the feature that allows you to create a wallpaper using a reference image. My first attempt was with a reference image of a woman in a green dress.

wallpaper generator canvas

It’s amazing how well the 3D version matches the reference image.

Illustration Generator’s versatility, from vibrant nature scenes to stylish fashion illustrations, is impressive. The reference image feature lets you create an illustration from anything you want, adding a personal touch. Whether for fun or projects, this tool brings your ideas to life.

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Welcome to the phone wallpapers gallery! Here, you’ll find a collection of stunning wallpapers that didn’t make it into the main article. Enjoy browsing through these beautiful creations!

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