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Notion icons for aesthetics and productivity

Discover how to personalize it with icons, from minimalist to colorful, and make your Notion truly resonate with you.

With 35+ million users, Notion has become a digital workspace synonymous with versatility and productivity. To truly make it yours, personalize each corner to reflect your style. Icons elevate your Notion workspace, providing clarity and character as you customize.

Let’s explore how you can harness the power of icons to transform your Notion workspace from just functional to uniquely yours.

Types of Notion icons for personalization

Notion icons serve as visual anchors, helping you navigate and organize your content with ease. They offer a way to quickly identify and differentiate various elements of your workspace at a glance. Whether it’s marking project statuses, categorizing content, or just adding a personal touch, icons enhance your Notion experience in multiple ways.

Minimalistic icons. Consider these the equivalent of your go-to basics, akin to a trusted pair of jeans—reliable, effortlessly chic, and endlessly versatile. They integrate smoothly, allowing the essence of your work to shine while subtly enhancing the overall look.

Colorful icons. These are your accent pieces, akin to bold jewelry or a vibrant tie—elements that breathe life and personality into your ensemble. Opting for colorful icons transforms your workspace into a dynamic and inviting canvas.

Thematic icons. Similar to dressing for an occasion, thematic icons tailor your workspace ambiance to suit your current venture or passion. They provide instant context and flavor, akin to donning gear for a themed event or activity.

Hand-drawn icons. These are the bespoke elements of your icon collection, much like a tailored garment or a cherished handmade accessory. They infuse your Notion space with intimacy and flair, creating an environment that resonates with your individuality.


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How to add icons in Notion

Personalizing your Notion workspace with icons is a straightforward process, but it can significantly enhance your user experience. Here’s how to add custom icons to your Notion docs:

  • When you create or edit a page in Notion, you’ll notice the default icon at the top next to the title. Click on this icon to open a menu that showcases a variety of default symbols.
  • To use a custom icon, click on the “Upload file” option or drag and drop your chosen image file into this area. Notion recommends using:
    • icon size – 280 x 280 pixels
    • maximum file size – 5MB
    • file types – JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF.
  • And here you go. Your custom Notion icon is up and running. Now, every time you access this page, your icon will greet you, making your Notion experience uniquely yours.

Personalizing your Notion with icons is a straightforward way to distinguish your workspace. Choose from minimalist to colorful icons when you create or edit a page in Notion, enhancing appearance and organization. Make your workspace genuinely align with your style.

Learn how to recolor icons to create a unique aesthetic

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