New Pichon for Mac

Great news for Mac-based designers, developers, and other creatives! You no longer have to break your flow when you need an icon, photo, or illustration. With Pichon for macOS, you will always have gigabytes of curated graphics at your fingertips:

  • Icons: consistent, pixel-perfect, in 40+ styles, made by the most experienced icon designers
  • Illustrations: 3D and flat, customizable and composable, created by top Dribbble artists
  • Photos: people, objects, and animals, ready-to-use shots, and background-free elements, taken by a movie-scale crew

Drag-and-drop the images you need into your graphic app, and go on with the design. No more wasting hours googling graphics for your projects. No more hassle. Just you being a super pro.




Thousands of icons, illustrations, and photos are free for a link. Or you can go pro to get editable or high-res graphics and forget about linking.

P.S. Don’t you worry, the new Pichon won’t take much of your disk space, we store all those gigabytes of graphics online.
P.P.S. And if you need to work offline from time to time, you can install the previous Pichon version (icons only) and have the icon first aid kit always with you.


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