Here we go with the new icon styles that we release in spring 2017.

Before, we where trying to cover all operating system guidelines: iOS, Windows, and Android. Later, sometime in 2015, we developed our Flat color icon pack which was success; it’s the most downloadable icon pack second only to iOS 10.

Lately, we’ve partnered with various prominent graphic designers. Each of them produced an icon pack in his personal style just for Icons8. These icons will be available exclusively on Icons8.

Gradient Line Icons

These are the round gradient icons. They come in some predefined color variations. We’ve got 300 icons done so far; to be released soon.

Color gradient icons in PNG

They come in some predefined color variations.

Gradient icons

Blue UI Icons

Blue halftone icons. The icon pack has 992 icons already, and is available for download on Icons8.

Half tone flat icons

Cute Color Icons

I’m in deep love with this decorative icon pack with subtle colors and decorated with the short lines.

Decorative Color Icons

First 350 icons are ready. 550 icons only exist as monochrome icons; to be colored and released soon.

Icons, work in progress

Dotted Icons

Decorative icons with dot patterns. First 600 icons are already released.

Line icon font with dot patterns

Simple Small Icons

1em, which is typically 16 pixels, is the standard size of the text on the screen.

Tiny icons

The beauty of 1em icon pack is that it looks great in the text. Other tiny icons (including the icon fonts) jump up and down, so you have to adjust the icons with paddings. 1em is aligned to the text baseline. Use it for menus, tags, and even inside the text as a substitute for emoji.

Opportunity for the Icon Designers

We’re definitely interested in the ongoing work of at least 1000 icons. We believe that you’re the best to choose the style that we lack; we give you the full creative freedom here. We’ll check the icons are pixel perfect and other minor technical stuff, but it’s up to you the style and what’s on the icon.

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